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Dudley Council the historic capital of the Black Country
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The Street Care section is divided into teams to cover the responsibilities listed above. The service areas are as follows:

Street Maintenance

The Street Maintenance Team is responsible for the inspection and maintenance of the Borough's primary assets, namely carriageways and footways. Experienced inspectors undertake regular safety inspections of carriageways and footways, and defects identified are then repaired on a priority basis based on the level of the hazard.

Gully cleansing is carried out by the Street Maintenance Team to ensure that the roads and footpaths are adequately drained. Roadside gullies (the grid type drain usually found at the side of the road) are regularly cleaned on a programmed basis, and complaints of blocked gullies and flooding are attended to on a priority basis.

The Street Maintenance Team can also provide a quotation and carry out the work to lower the kerb (vehicle crossing / dropped kerb) outside a property to provide suitable vehicular access from the highway to a business or residential property.

Also during the winter months the team is responsible for the delivery of the Borough’s Winter Service Operations, including gritting of priority routes and the supply of grit bins.

Street Cleansing

The Street Cleansing Team keep roads, pavements, public car parks and shopping areas clean of litter, debris and larger items of rubbish that have been dumped. Street Cleansing is undertaken using a combination of mechanical and manual sweeping. The service operates a range of mechanical sweepers from the small precinct sweepers to large highway sweepers. There are hundreds of litter bins located throughout the Borough. Each bin is emptied to a predetermined schedule depending on use and capacity. Dog bins are also provided for dog waste. The Street Cleansing Team is also responsible for the removal of fly-tipping (the illegal dumping of waste). It also deals with requests for the removal and disposal of dead animals found on the highway, and the cleanliness of the Borough's public conveniences.

Street Lighting

This Team manages all Street Lighting within the Borough. This includes car park lighting and electrical street furniture, including traffic and pelican signals, illuminated signs and bollards, car park barriers and belisha beacons. Faulty lighting is repaired during the daytime, when all of the lights should be off. The Council has set maintenance service performance targets for Street Lighting to ensure a quality service is provided to its customers. All of the adopted street lights in Dudley are inspected regularly to ensure that they are kept in good working order.

Green Care

The Green Care Team looks after the grounds maintenance of Council owned land. This includes parks, open spaces, council housing estates, communal areas, highway verges, traffic islands, schools, playing fields and sports pitches, cemeteries and crematoria and children’s play areas. The work includes grass cutting, hedge cutting, shrub bed, flower bed and rose bed maintenance, etc. The Team also manages Dudley’s stock of Council owned trees.

Works Management

The Works Management Team is responsible for all highway maintenance works undertaken on Dudley’s roads by external contractors. This includes resurfacing the carriageways, preventative maintenance to carriageways and footways using micro-asphalt, the application of road markings and anti-skid surfacing, and repairs to pedestrian guardrails. Off-highway works are also undertaken, for example resurfacing car parks at Council offices or school playgrounds.

Asset Management

The Asset Management Team is responsible for managing the Authority's highway, implementing NRSWA (New Road and Street Works Act), managing risk, providing work programmes for other Street Care teams, and maintaining our highway network through UKPMS (the standard system for the assessment of UK local road network conditions). Dudley’s roads and footpaths have to be surveyed on a regular basis, to ensure an accurate picture of the condition of our roads, to apply the current maintenance solutions and to make the necessary bids through the Local Transport Plan.

During the winter period, the team are responsible for overseeing the winter gritting service and are in regular communication with the Met Office, waiting to give the green light for gritting operations as required. The aim is to keep priority roads and footpaths safe and, as far as possible, free from snow and ice during inclement winter weather.

Building Services

The Building Services Team provides electrical and mechanical services to schools and public buildings throughout the Borough. The services include the supply, installation and maintenance of electrical supply equipment, lighting, heating, fire and smoke detection, CCTV equipment and computer wiring.

Car Parks – Maintenance and Management

Parking Services manage the day-to-day running of the Authority’s car parks. This includes the collection of revenue from the Pay and Display car parks and the enforcement of the Off Street Parking Order. The Parking Services Team also manages the maintenance of and improvements to the Authority’s car parks, including both the multi-storey and surface parking facilities.