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Dudley Council the historic capital of the Black Country
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The Waste Care section is also divided into teams to cover the responsibilities listed above. The service areas are as follows:

Waste Operations

The Waste Operations Team is responsible for the collection of waste and recycling from domestic premises, collection of trade (commercial and industrial) waste, and also provides a chargeable service for the removal of other items unsuitable for the weekday household waste collection service, e.g. furniture, “white goods” and bulky waste (special collections).

The Waste Operations Team also delivers the fortnightly wheeled bin service for the collection of green organic waste.

Waste Disposal

The Waste Disposal Team is responsible for the provision of facilities and resources to deal with the disposal of all of the waste generated by the waste collection service, plus all waste delivered by the general public to the Council’s Household Waste Site (Civic Amenity Site). The Team manages the Council’s contracts for the disposal of municipal waste, primarily through the Energy from Waste Plant at Lister Road, Dudley, and the operation of the Household Waste site in Stourbridge, plus the implementation of any future development proposals. This includes joint working initiatives with other local authorities, and national bodies and agencies.

Waste Enforcement

The Enforcement Team is responsible for the regulation and enforcement of Waste Care legislation including formal action. This applies to abandoned vehicles, illegal waste deposits, flytipping, public health duties and fixed penalties for littering, dog fouling and other offences. They are also responsible for joint action and liaison with other enforcement bodies such as the Police, Environment Agency and the Drivers, Vehicle and Licensing Authority (DVLA).

Waste Development

The Waste Development Team is responsible for recycling, green waste, composting and waste minimisation; schools and community liaison and education health and safety, risk management; joint working, through the Black County Waste Management Forum, in the development and procurement of joint policies, strategies, initiatives and contracts.

The Waste Development Team is responsible for the operation and development of the fortnightly black box recycling collection service. In addition it is responsible for the development of recycling initiatives, and more sustainable waste management practices. This includes home composting and waste minimisation, together with schools and community liaison and promotion. The team also has a joint working brief, with Black Country Authorities, for the development and procurement of joint policies, strategies, initiatives and contracts.


The main role of Transport Services is the provision of the Council’s vehicles and transport needs, and its object is to co-ordinate all transport functions on behalf of the Council to ensure compliance with DfT and VOSA requirements, to enable the Council to deliver its services. Transport Services also holds the Operators Licence on behalf of the Council for relevant categories of vehicles, and provides technical support, advice and guidance to user groups and Council directorates.

Fleet Management

The Fleet Management Team is responsible for vehicle procurement and technical management. Fleet Management identify user requirements, develop vehicle and plant specifications, and arrange the purchase of new vehicles for the whole of the Council. This includes technology best practice and innovation, and future vehicle strategy. Other activities include vehicle specifications, fleet profiling, fleet replacement strategy, fleet funding liaison, tyre contracts, user group strategic liaison, and “O” licence compliance, permits and insurance.

Service and Maintenance

The Vehicle Maintenance Service Team ensures that the wheels of the Council’s fleet keep on turning by providing maintenance and repair work. The Team is responsible for the maintenance of the Council’s vehicle fleet, including scheduled inspections and maintenance, repairs and non-scheduled maintenance, breakdowns, mower maintenance, fleet scheduling, customer reception and liaison, sub-contracts, and the provision of replacement vehicles where necessary.

Compliance and Policy Unit

The Compliance Team is responsible for policy development, and managerial and operator training and standards across the Council. This includes procedures and guidelines including those set up on the Council Intranet. On a practical basis the team’s vehicle inspectors undertake inspections on all taxis, for licensing purposes, and also on all of the Council’s own vehicles. This also includes enforcement, and operational spot checks to ensure the Council’s vehicles are operated in a road worthy condition, and drivers are fully compliant with the necessary rules and regulations.

Procurement and Stores

The Procurement and Stores Team is responsible for procurement stock and consumables relating to a wide range of divisional services, as well as purchasing functions, including orders, files, records, contract maintenance details, supplier information, evaluation and performance, technical liaison, “on-line” catalogues, central contracts, “e” trading, expenditure analysis, specification, stock control, storage, and a computerised stock control system.

The team also manages the Council’s fuel supply and management facility, together with external stock storage areas.