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The Executive Support Team provides critical core support functions, which need to be consistently applied across the whole of the Directorate and in support of the Director himself.

The responsibilities of the Executive Support Team now include:

  • Focal point for Directorates link to Corporate Access To Services Project

  • Supporting the Directorates input into the Executive, Area and Select Committees

  • Support to Members in collating responses to their requests

  • General support to DMT and the Corporate Board agendas

  • Training and Development co-ordination

  • ICT strategy linked to Corporate ICT services and ICT support to the Directorate

  • Marketing and communications link to Corporate Team

  • Personnel link to Corporate Personnel Policy

  • Strategy and Service Planning support linked to Council and Community Planning

  • Policy Review and Research function linked to Corporate Framework

  • Performance Management co-ordination and reporting

  • Supporting Comprehensive Performance Assessment (CPA)/Comprehensive Area Appraisal (CAA)

  • Co-ordinating the Directorate’s Continuing Improvement Agenda

These core functions are managed by four Managers namely a Policy Manager, Executive Support Manager, ICT Manager and a Personnel Manager.

The purpose of this paper is to provide clarity to the rest of the Directorate and indeed the Council regarding the roles, functions and responsibilities of the team. The Policy & Executive Support Team have responsibilities for representing DUE on various corporate strategic initiatives.


Provides the directorate with accurate, timely, and relevant policy information disseminated through P@NIC. It provides co-ordination of cross cutting directorate policy issues, projects, and inputs into corporate policy. It provides a lead on continuous improvement, and other cross directorate joint working initiatives.

Executive Support

Is the focal point within the directorate for the strategic co-ordination and management of various wide ranging directorate and corporate initiatives and projects such as CPA/CAA, Next Generation LAA and community engagement and consultation. The core functions of the team cover performance reporting, communications and asset management. The Graphics Studio provides a high quality, cost effective graphic design and print management service to clients across the whole authority.

ICT Support

Core functions of the Team include incident and problem management, co-ordination of ICT procurement, system administration, and project implementations. Strategy and best ICT practice roles include promotion and exploitation of cross directorate IT issues, intranet and internet, and lead in the co-ordination, implementation and exploitation of corporate ICT initiatives in the directorate including the customer access to services initiative.

Personnel & Training

The core functions of the Personnel and Training Team include strategic co-ordination of people management issues across the Directorate and corporately, the development and maintenance of strong employee relations, effective recruitment, selection and retention of employees, support and advice in relation to issues of discipline, grievance and redeployment, development and adherence to personnel-related policies and procedures, effective absence management, fair and equal treatment of employees and the effective learning and development of employees including initial induction and continuous improvement/development.