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If you cannot get to a polling station on Election day

You can apply for a postal vote for any election. The postal vote can be for a particular election, for a set period or permanently.

Postal Vote

You can apply for a postal vote anytime of the year.

If you choose to vote by post your ballot paper will be sent to you about 1 week prior to election day. You mark your ballot paper in the normal way then return it in the pre-paid envelope along with the completed security statement before the close of poll.

Note - Applications for Postal Votes must be received by 5:00 pm on the eleventh working day prior to an election.

Proxy Vote

Alternatively you can apply for someone to vote for you. If you have a particular reason i.e; you are blind or disabled, or if you are away from home during an election and will be leaving prior to postal votes being issued.

Note - Application forms appointing a proxy must be received 6 working days prior to an election.

All applications must either completed and emailed back or printed and return by post or personal visit to the following address.

Electoral Services,
Old Crown Court
Priory Street

By email elections.cexec@dudley.gov.uk