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dudley metropolitan borough council header logo the historic capital of the Black Country
Dudley Skyline
Liberal Democrat

Amblecote Ward
Banks, Colin - elected1707
The Conservative Party Candidate(21.17%)
Hubball, Alan George691
Liberal Democrats(8.57%)
Kelly, Michael906
The Labour Party Candidate(11.23%)
Martin, Patricia Diana (known as Pat) - elected1697
The Conservative Party Candidate(21.04%)
Musk, James Edward (known as Jim) - elected1449
The Conservative Party Candidate(17.97%)
Waltho, Lynda Ellen919
The Labour Party Candidate(11.39%)
Zada, Qadar652
The Labour Party Candidate(8.08%)
Spoilt Papers44
Ward Turnout 31.55%

Belle Vale Ward
Arif, Aaishah536
Liberal Democrats(5.33%)
Dunn, Jennifer Christine - elected1928
The Conservative Party Candidate(19.17%)
James, Robert Leslie (known as Bob) - elected1843
The Conservative Party Candidate(18.32%)
Knight, Martin Christopher1345
The Labour Party Candidate(13.37%)
Morris, Paul Robert1294
The Labour Party Candidate(12.86%)
Nicholls, Jill Cheryl - elected1734
The Conservative Party Candidate(17.24%)
Sadler, Lindsay Jillian1330
The Labour Party Candidate(13.22%)
Spoilt Papers50
Ward Turnout 38.49%

Brierley Hill Ward
Dyer, John Arthur793
Liberal Democrats(12.05%)
Harris, Rachel Naomi - elected
The Labour Party Candidate
Hunt, Cynthia Florence792
The Conservative Party Candidate(12.03%)
Islam, Zafar - elected975
The Labour Party Candidate(14.81%)
Knowles, Shirleyanne785
The Conservative Party Candidate(11.93%)
Martin, Philip Brian749
The Conservative Party Candidate(11.38%)
Wilson, Margaret - elected1278
The Labour Party Candidate(19.42%)
Spoilt Papers39
Ward Turnout 27.62%

Brockmoor & Pensnett Ward
Bourne, Margaret880
The Conservative Party Candidate(14.49%)
Fletcher, Timothy Grant503
Liberal Democrats(8.28%)
Foster, Judy Annette - elected947
The Labour Party Candidate(15.59%)
Jordan, Karen Mary - elected1011
The Labour Party Candidate(16.64%)
Lees, Karen Belinda809
The Conservative Party Candidate(13.32%)
Thornton, Susan Winifred767
The Conservative Party Candidate(12.63%)
Tomkinson, Rosemary Ada - elected1114
The Labour Party Candidate(18.34%)
Spoilt Papers44
Ward Turnout 24.84%

Castle & Priory Ward
Aston, Margaret Patricia - elected1280
The Labour Party Candidate(13.62%)
Boswell, Michael John1012
British National Party(10.77%)
Darby, Simon1173
British National Party(12.48%)
Finch, Joseph Alan - elected1209
The Labour Party Candidate(12.86%)
Hollis, Paul1036
British National Party(11.02%)
Johnston, Geoffrey Stanley (known as Father Geoff) - elected1221
The Labour Party Candidate(12.99%)
Jones, Michael James433
Liberal Democrats(4.61%)
Law, Raymond752
The Conservative Party Candidate(8%)
Lewis, Russell Anthony635
The Conservative Party Candidate(6.76%)
Wolohan, Michael John634
The Conservative Party Candidate(6.75%)
Spoilt Papers14
Ward Turnout 34.87%

Coseley East Ward
Allen, Ronald444
Liberal Democrats(5.41%)
Davies, George Henry - elected1477
The Labour Party Candidate(17.98%)
Dickenson, Terence David1046
The Conservative Party Candidate(12.74%)
Millward, Daryl790
The Conservative Party Candidate(9.62%)
Mottram, Melvyn - elected1298
The Labour Party Candidate(15.8%)
Pinchers, William Matthew1183
British National Party(14.4%)
Ridney, Susan May - elected1237
The Labour Party Candidate(15.06%)
Simms, Glenis Louise735
The Conservative Party Candidate(8.95%)
Spoilt Papers3
Ward Turnout 35.92%

Cradley & Foxcote Ward
Body, Richard John - elected1407
The Labour Party Candidate(17.12%)
Cartwright, Dean William1163
The Conservative Party Candidate(14.15%)
Crumpton, Timothy Edward - elected1297
The Labour Party Candidate(15.78%)
Nicholls, Michael1154
The Conservative Party Candidate(14.04%)
Partridge, Gaye Louisa - elected1420
The Labour Party Candidate(17.28%)
Read, Terence758
Liberal Democrats(9.22%)
Weir, Sean Robert957
The Conservative Party Candidate(11.65%)
Spoilt Papers62
Ward Turnout 33.62%

Gornal Ward
Cox, David Philip Henry455
Liberal Democrats(4.05%)
Houghton, Pamela June1009
The Labour Party Candidate(8.99%)
Jewkes, Jeffrey1463
The Labour Party Candidate(13.03%)
Lamsdale, Beryl1015
The Labour Party Candidate(9.04%)
Millward, Anne Elizabeth - elected2252
The Conservative Party Candidate(20.06%)
Stanley, David John - elected2279
The Conservative Party Candidate(20.3%)
White, Keith Mark1183
British National Party(10.54%)
Wright, Timothy Robin - elected1557
The Conservative Party Candidate(13.87%)
Spoilt Papers13
Ward Turnout 42.66%

Halesowen North Ward
Boys, James Philip Jonathan - elected1714
The Conservative Party Candidate(16.9%)
Faulkner, Lesley Joan - elected2036
The Conservative Party Candidate(20.07%)
Hanson, Andrew1514
The Labour Party Candidate(14.93%)
Hanson, Harold Victor805
Liberal Democrats(7.94%)
Hussain, Mushtaq1004
The Labour Party Candidate(9.9%)
Sahota, Parmjit Singh1060
The Labour Party Candidate(10.45%)
Shakespeare, Karen Elizabeth - elected1956
The Conservative Party Candidate(19.28%)
Spoilt Papers55
Ward Turnout 41.92%

Halesowen South Ward
Bayford, Ian Jeremy926
The Labour Party Candidate(7.95%)
Conway, Christine1175
The Labour Party Candidate(10.09%)
Hanson, Margaret892
Liberal Democrats(7.66%)
Jackson, Harold Vincent - elected2674
The Conservative Party Candidate(22.97%)
Taylor, Alan - elected2529
The Conservative Party Candidate(21.72%)
Tucker, Laura Jayne967
The Labour Party Candidate(8.31%)
Woodall, John - elected2416
The Conservative Party Candidate(20.75%)
Spoilt Papers64
Ward Turnout 45.68%

Hayley Green & Cradley South Ward
Bramall, Lois712
Liberal Democrats(6.64%)
Burston, Antony Raymond - elected2170
The Conservative Party Candidate(20.24%)
Cornick, Paul Anthony1152
The Labour Party Candidate(10.75%)
Morris, Carmel Ann1135
The Labour Party Candidate(10.59%)
Morris, Kathryn Elizabeth1082
The Labour Party Candidate(10.09%)
Turner, Hazel - elected2238
The Conservative Party Candidate(20.88%)
Turner, Kenneth John - elected2197
The Conservative Party Candidate(20.49%)
Spoilt Papers34
Ward Turnout 43.1%

Kingswinford North & Wall Heath Ward
Burt, Richard George - elected2280
Liberal Democrats(18.12%)
Davies, John David1531
The Conservative Party Candidate(12.17%)
Harley, Denise1606
The Conservative Party Candidate(12.76%)
Jones, Karen Elizabeth563
The Labour Party Candidate(4.47%)
Nottingham, Harold Edward1443
The Conservative Party Candidate(11.47%)
Patrick, Eunice Mary - elected1964
Liberal Democrats(15.61%)
Smith-O┬┤Gorman, William Francis478
The Labour Party Candidate(3.8%)
Tyler, David Richard - elected2127
Liberal Democrats(16.9%)
Whitehouse, Geoffrey Gerald562
The Labour Party Candidate(4.47%)
Spoilt Papers29
Ward Turnout 44.14%

Kingswinford South Ward
Biggs, Beryl Jose726
The Labour Party Candidate(5.89%)
Blood, David Mathew - elected2000
The Conservative Party Candidate(16.23%)
Bradney, Lorraine Anne663
The Labour Party Candidate(5.38%)
Harley, Patrick Edward - elected1896
The Conservative Party Candidate(15.39%)
Martin, John Ronald707
The Labour Party Candidate(5.74%)
Miller, Peter Philip - elected1976
The Conservative Party Candidate(16.04%)
Mills, Eric Matthew Boatswain1420
Liberal Democrats(11.53%)
Porter, Janice Adele1313
Liberal Democrats(10.66%)
White, Barbara Ellen1573
Liberal Democrats(12.77%)
Spoilt Papers47
Ward Turnout 43.01%

Lye & Wollescote Ward
Arif, Mohammed823
Liberal Democrats(9.77%)
Cowley, Madeleine Mary992
The Labour Party Candidate(11.77%)
Donegan, John Alfred - elected1214
The Conservative Party Candidate(14.41%)
Hale, Christopher1046
The Labour Party Candidate(12.41%)
Langford, Jeremy452
Respect the Unity Coalition (George Galloway)(5.36%)
Lowe, Peter1033
The Labour Party Candidate(12.26%)
Turner, Adrian John - elected1350
The Conservative Party Candidate(16.02%)
Vickers, David Ian Anthony - elected1101
The Conservative Party Candidate(13.07%)
Yasmin, Safeanah383
Spoilt Papers33
Ward Turnout 34.94%

Netherton, Woodside & St.Andrews's Ward
Bradney, Martin - elected1129
The Labour Party Candidate(13.6%)
Coulter, Lynda Annette - elected1093
The Labour Party Candidate(13.17%)
Flavell, Judith Marion646
Liberal Democrats(7.78%)
Moore, Neil David955
The Conservative Party Candidate(11.51%)
Rahman, Mahbubur - elected1252
The Labour Party Candidate(15.09%)
Ridley, Susan Irene893
The Conservative Party Candidate(10.76%)
Sadiq, Mohammad615
Liberal Democrats(7.41%)
Vince, Joan Doreen (known as Doreen)741
The Conservative Party Candidate(8.93%)
Whitehouse, Francis James915
Liberal Democrats(11.03%)
Spoilt Papers60
Ward Turnout 29.63%

Norton Ward
Adams, Arthur (known as Angus) - elected 2084
The Conservative Party Candidate(15.39%)
Attwood, Arthur Michael (known as Mike) - elected2141
The Conservative Party Candidate(15.81%)
Bowie, Elizabeth Helen526
The Labour Party Candidate(3.89%)
Bramall, Chris2031
Liberal Democrat "Focus Team"(15%)
Lonergan, Lucy Jane1715
Liberal Democrat "Focus Team"(12.67%)
Marrey, Ian Michael512
The Labour Party Candidate(3.78%)
Rogers, David Howard - elected2109
The Conservative Party Candidate(15.58%)
Sheppard, David1958
Liberal Democrat "Focus Team"(14.46%)
Sykes, Barbara Evelyn445
The Labour Party Candidate(3.29%)
Spoilt Papers18
Ward Turnout 49.8%

Pedmore & Stourbridge East Ward
Dow, Anthony Alwyn1108
The Labour Party Candidate(9.27%)
Hanson, Simon873
Liberal Democrats(7.3%)
Jeffries, David John(7.3%)
Jeffries, David John1067
The Labour Party Candidate(8.92%)
Jones, Leslie (known as Les) - elected2714
The Conservative Party Candidate(22.7%)
Kettle, Ian Marshall - elected2671
The Conservative Party Candidate(22.34%)
While-Cooper, Tina Elizabeth971
The Labour Party Candidate(8.12%)
Wilson, Robert Colin - elected2520
The Conservative Party Candidate(21.08%)
Spoilt Papers32
Ward Turnout 44.84%

Quarry Bank & Dudley Wood Ward
Cotterill, Bryan John - elected1499
The Labour Party Candidate(19.34%)
Fonteyn, Christopher Andrew1135
The Conservative Party Candidate(14.65%)
Hampson, Justin Dominic1080
The Conservative Party Candidate(13.94%)
Male, Wayne - elected1446
The Labour Party Candidate(18.66%)
Roberts, Stephen Brian1110
The Conservative Party Candidate(14.32%)
Sparks, David Hunter - elected1408
The Labour Party Candidate(18.17%)
Spoilt Papers72
Ward Turnout 31.03%

Sedgley Ward
Caunt, David Murray - elected2342
The Conservative Party Candidate(22.13%)
Dart, Barbara Betty980
The Labour Party Candidate(9.26%)
Evans, Michael John - elected2387
The Conservative Party Candidate(22.56%)
Fraser-Macnamara, Charles Valentine - elected1995
The Conservative Party Candidate(18.85%)
Lewis, Ann Catherine682
Liberal Democrats(6.44%)
Turner, Stuart John1024
The Labour Party Candidate(9.68%)
Webb, Constance1107
The Labour Party Candidate(10.46%)
Spoilt Papers66
Ward Turnout 41.21%

St. James's Ward
Ahmed, Khurshid838
The Labour Party Candidate(9%)
Craigie, Serena - elected1246
Liberal Democrats(13.38%)
Davis, Peter Malcolm (known as Malcolm) - elected1234
Liberal Democrats(13.25%)
Finch, Arthur Joseph1051
The Labour Party Candidate(11.29%)
Hammond, Michael John (known as Mike)956
The Labour Party Candidate(10.27%)
Harris, William David (known as Bill)323
Hart-Bowman, Rebirtha Olive - elected1225
Liberal Democrats(13.16%)
Killoran, May849
The Conservative Party Candidate(9.12%)
Morgan, Robin796
The Conservative Party Candidate(8.55%)
Murray, Clive Granville749
The Conservative Party Candidate(8.05%)
Spoilt Papers43
Ward Turnout 36.07%

St. Thomas's Ward
Ali, Shaukat - elected1943
The Labour Party Candidate(20.68%)
Davies, John Roy - elected1912
The Labour Party Candidate(20.35%)
Gallis, Alan William987
The Conservative Party Candidate(10.51%)
Sagir, Mohammed811
Liberal Democrats(8.63%)
Wolohan, Liam Daniel923
The Conservative Party Candidate(9.83%)
Wolohan, Victoria Elizabeth930
The Conservative Party Candidate(9.9%)
Woodall, Cyril Leslie - elected1842
The Labour Party Candidate(19.61%)
Spoilt Papers46
Ward Turnout 36.8%

Upper Gornal & Woodsetton Ward
Ameson, Doreen - elected1234
The Conservative Party Candidate(13.89%)
Aston, Adam Michael1061
The Labour Party Candidate(11.94%)
Bowkley, Margaret Ann1053
The Labour Party Candidate(11.85%)
Finch, Kenneth1153
The Labour Party Candidate(12.98%)
Lucey, Eva461
Liberal Democrats(5.19%)
Ryder, Julian - elected1408
The Conservative Party Candidate(15.85%)
Simms, David John - elected1334
The Conservative Party Candidate(15.02%)
Woodall, Gary Brian1160
British National Party(13.06%)
Spoilt Papers20
Ward Turnout 37.28%

Wollaston & Stourbridge Town Ward
Barlow, Nicolas Anthony1581
The Conservative Party Candidate(13.53%)
Collins, June - elected1688
Liberal Democrat "Focus Team"(14.45%)
Cowell, Margaret Irene - elected1618
The Conservative Party Candidate(13.85%)
Knowles, Malcolm Frederick William - elected1600
The Conservative Party Candidate(13.7%)
Lawrence, Valerie Mary1007
The Labour Party Candidate(8.62%)
Oakes, Amanda-Jayne1292
Liberal Democrat "Focus Team"(11.06%)
Read, Dawn1271
Liberal Democrat "Focus Team"(10.88%)
Sparks, Matthew813
The Labour Party Candidate(6.96%)
Walters, John Robert775
The Labour Party Candidate(6.63%)
Spoilt Papers38
Ward Turnout 43.63%

Wordsley Ward
Cody, William Peter (known as Bill)1380
The Labour Party Candidate(14.51%)
Debney, Graham Leonard - elected1475
The Labour Party Candidate(15.51%)
Pearce, Sarah Jayne - elected1501
The Conservative Party Candidate(15.78%)
Ridley, Steven Leslie Frederick1378
The Conservative Party Candidate(14.49%)
Slack, James Harry643
Liberal Democrats(6.76%)
Southall, Geoffrey John - elected1616
The Conservative Party Candidate(16.99%)
Waltho, Stephen James (known as Steve)1471
The Labour Party Candidate(15.46%)
Spoilt Papers48
Ward Turnout 37.06%