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The council is providing support to care providers in a number of different ways.

Practical Support

  • There is daily contact between our Commissioning Team and care providers in the borough. This has been in place since the start of the pandemic and will continue. The feedback from our providers has been positive with the contacts focussed on provider support (manager / staff) as opposed to pure data collation.
  • In addition to this providers are able to access PPE where supplies are running low directly from the Commissioning Team, 7 days a week at no charge
    Providers are also issued with the latest and most relevant guidance whilst also accessing on-line training and support provided by the council and West Midlands Regional Networks
  • The council has purchased and supplied a number of Samsung tablets to care homes and supported living providers. This has enabled residents and tenants to maintain contact with family and friends and has been positively received. We are continuing to explore additional supplies to more care providers including Extra Care in the borough
  • Commissioning of a wraparound Care Home In-Reach Service providing additional staff (carers and nurses) to care homes where staffing levels are low and potentially unsustainable. The service is also used to support Quality of Care through staff support
  • Development and mobilisation of a bespoke service for people with cognitive impairment issues / substance misuse who are Covid-19 positive and are struggling to isolate. The service will protect the individuals concerned and limit the risk of wider transmission

Public Health Support

A group was set up in the very early days of the pandemic to monitor and support care homes and respond to COVID-10 infection in a system wide approach. This approach includes:

  • Regular data collection about the number of residents and staff who have tested positive, the total number of staff who have been tested , and the level of PPE to inform logistical and workforce support . The system monitors the clinical situation of residents and provides clinical and infection prevention control measures.
  • Infection protection support and guidance to care homes that have had outbreaks.
  • Identification of care homes with zero infections and support to re-enforce control measures to ensure that they remain infection free
  • A multi-agency communication plan has been developed to ensure that all partners communicate important updates to care homes via a single communication channel, to avoid giving conflicting advice
  • Coordination of proactive testing for all care homes residents (symptomatic and a symptomatic )
  • Coordination of mobile testing of care home and social care staff , to date over 1700 care home staff have been tested
  • End of life care and bereavement support provided

Financial Support

The Council has prioritised support across the care sector including:

  • C.2m PPE spend forecast by the end of May. We have daily contact with all care providers, we also provide PPE to informal carers and Direct Payments recipients. Stock levels are an average of 2-3 weeks at present. We have provided PPE to all of the above without charge and will continue to do so throughout the pandemic
  • C. £2.5m ring-fenced to invest into the care market. Payments commenced w/c 11th May. This represents 3 months of additional cost pressures at an average 10% increase from end March onwards. This is being paid in the form of one off grants and providers will not be expected to table any further evidence than they have already submitted
  • Provision of a short term injection of cash to some providers who were facing major sustainability issues due to closure of income generating services
  • We have provided guarantees to micro enterprises and other services in receipt of Direct Payment income that payment will be made irrespective of whether services can operate or not
  • We are currently finalising plans to allocate the Dudley share of the £600m national infection control allocation from Government


Support to providers that the local authority has contracts with

Domicilary Care Care Homes Other Total spent to date since on supporting providers the local authority has contracts with in response to COVID-19
£326,967 £1,684,727 £542,852 £2,554,546

Support to providers that the local authority does not have contracts with

Domicilary Care Care Homes Other Total spent to date since on supporting providers the local authority does not have contracts with in response to COVID-19
£0 N/A* £0 £0

*The council contracts with all care homes in the borough

Dudley Council Care Homes Support Submission

Dudley Council has submitted its Care Home Support Plan to the Department of Health indicating the support provided to the Dudley market as well as the key challenges and solutions that we have jointly incurred. The plan is detailed in the attachment to this page