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Coronavirus Discretionary Grants Fund

The fund has been set up to support certain small businesses who are not eligible for current COVID-19 grant schemes but who have been impacted by the Coronavirus restriction measures.

Our full Discretionary Grant Fund policy is available to view below:

Grant Funding

The Council has access to limited funding from Government for this scheme therefore, in order to maximise the number of businesses supported within the priority categories, the council will initially allocate funding to all businesses that meet the eligibility criteria above as follows:

Grant Value* Eligible
£2,000 Businesses within the priority categories with 0 - 1 employees
£5,000 Businesses within the priority categories with 2 - 10 employees
£10,000 Businesses within the priority categories with 11 - 49 employees

*Should the initial allocation above exceed the funding available from the Government, the Council reserves the right to reduce each grant by a proportionate amount in order to be affordable within the available funding.

Get your supporting evidence ready

In order for your application to be considered you will need a number of documents as evidence to demonstrate that you meet the eligibility for the scheme. We recommend you prepare these in advance and have them ready to upload.

To help you prepare here are some examples of the type of evidence that will be necessary for you to provide and types of document we can accept for each as part of the application process:

Significant fall in income due to COVID-19

Evidence may include:

  • Bank statements* for a relevant period long enough to show a normal level of income for your business followed by a drop in income due to COVID-19. e.g. six months.
  • You may wish to support this evidence with further details of your sales books, P&L or evidence from your accountant if your bank statements do not show it clearly.
  • P&L reports, sales ledger or invoice ledger for a relevant period long enough to show a normal level of income for your business followed by a drop in income due to COVID-19.

*Bank statements must clearly show you/the business as the account holder and the details of the nominated account.

Ongoing fixed property related costs

For the purpose of Round 3 of the Discretionary Grant Fund Scheme you must be able to provide evidence ongoing fixed property related costs.

Examples include, but are not limited to: 

  • Signed lease agreement
  • Signed license arrangement
  • Annual mortgage statement or similar
  • Rental invoices and/or agreement
  • Business Rates bill


  • Supporting bank statements showing ongoing fixed property related costs coming out of the account. Rent or mortgage payments must be evidenced in your bank statements or similar documents. Bank statements must clearly show you/the business as the account holder and account number of the nominated account.

For home-based businesses in Round 3 you will also need to include one of the following:

  • Documentation from HMRC such as tax records detailing fixed property related costs
  • Audited Accounts with reference to fixed property related costs incurred

Number of employees

Evidence of employee headcount. If you have more than one site please break this down to show business total headcount and headcount at site(s) in Dudley Borough.

Evidence documentation may include but is not limited to:

  • PAYE, payroll returns, HMRC documentation

Bank statement for verification

All applications must include your most recent business bank statement/nominated account statement for verification purposes. This must clearly show the business name / nominated account

Other evidence

  • Completed application form must be provided showing declarations as evidence of trading as at March 11 2020 and that the business is not eligible for any grant under the current COVID-19 grant schemes.
  • If your business is a B&B you must provide evidence that you pay Council Tax, have fewer than 6 bed spaces and are wholly or mainly used as a guest or boarding premises.

Discretionary Grant Fund Round 3

Applications now closed.

To allow us to process the applications as quickly as possible, please do not chase your application. The team assessing applications will contact you if any further evidence is required.

  • You can contact the Discretionary Business Grant team on for information and guidance only. We can not offer specific advice relating to your business.