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Supporting social care providers and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Social Care

Social Care Access to Free PPE

As part of the Winter Plan, The Department of Health and Social Care have committed to provide free PPE to local areas to distribute to social care providers for Covid -19 related needs, ineligible for supply via the PPE portal, until the end of March 2021.

On this basis we plan to support the market in a number of ways.

The level of support we can offer will relate to the type of services offered and the requirement for personal care for individuals. Our offer has now shifted so that we can support your PPE requirements related to Covid-19 on a day to day basis as opposed to an emergency supply.

Services that would be entitled to the PPE for example are:

  • Mental health community care
  • Personal assistants (LA, CCG commissioned and funded through personal health budgets)
  • DP Recipients
  • Domestic violence refuges
  • Rough sleeping services
  • Micro providers
  • Day provisions
  • Non CQC registered providers

The types of PPE that may be available depending on the tasks undertaken are: masks, visors, hand gel, aprons and gloves

Please contact Joanne via the email address below:

Commissioning.dachs@dudley.gov.uk or Joanne.basterfeld@dudley.gov.uk


You may also wish to try the following steps to order PPE:

  1. Try your normal suppliers
    If you are a social care or healthcare organisation then prior to seeking support with emergency PPE from the Local Authority you are required to seek supplies of PPE from your usual suppliers. If these suppliers are not able to meet your requirements then you should contact the suppliers listed below.
  2. Get in touch with other local suppliers and if possible share within your own organisation
  3. Work with other providers to secure bulk orders and to get better value for money
  4. Contact the PPE suppliers below

Social Care (e.g.community care, home care, hospices)

09.00 - 17.00 Mon - Fri Social Care

03300 552288 emergencystock@blueleafcare.com

08.00 - 17.00 Mon – Fri
*Please use email contact in the first instance. Monitored 24/7

Deliver Net
01756 706050
08.30 - 17.00 Mon - Fri

Countrywide Healthcare
01226 719090
09.00 - 17.00 Mon - Fri

Nexon Group
0800 999 5006
08.00 - 17.00 Mon - Fri

09.00 - 17.00 Mon - Fri

Wightman & Parrish
01323 445001
Register for credit account at www.w-p.co.uk
08.30 - 17.00 Mon – Fri

Beaucare Medical
01423 873666
07.00-19.00 Mon-Fri

Halliday Healthcare Ltd
08.30- 16.45 Mon-Thurs 8.30.- 15.45 Fri

B&M Supplies
01704 553 773
08.30 - 17.00 Mon-Fri

0330 700 0707
09.00 -17.00 Mon - Fri


Alliance / NWOP
0330 100 0448
09.00 - 18.00 Mon - Fri

Mckesson / AAH Pharma
0344 561 8899
Register account at www.aah.co.uk
09.00 - 18.00 Mon-Fri


GP Surgery


Williams Medical Supplies
01685 846666
08.30 - 18.00 Mon - Fri


Henry Schein
0800 023 2558
09.00 to 17.30 Mon - Fri
*Please use email contact in the first instance.

DD Group
0800 585 586
08.00 to 1800 Mon - Fri

Wright Health Group
01382 834557
08.30 - 18.00 Mon - Fri

Trycare Ltd
01274 885544
09.00 -17.00 Mon – Fri

West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA):

The WMCA has undertaken basic checks on a number of suppliers of PPE, detail of these can be found on their website.


Please obtain specialist advice from Public Health England or other reputable source before purchasing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) from suppliers.

You are responsible for ensuring that PPE is safe to use to protect you and any staff members. You use PPE entirely at your own risk.

Dudley Council have not vetted or approved any supplier listed above or on WMCA.

Dudley Council disclaim any liability in connection with your use of any of the suppliers of PPE listed on, or accessed as a result of information provided above or and any contracts entered into with suppliers as a result of the use of information contained above.


Dudley Council Emergency PPE Response

If all the above suppliers are unable to help you, you can contact us for supply of emergency equipment. We will seek to supply you with equipment to cover 72hrs dependent on your service need.

If you deliver care and support whether formally as part of a commissioned service, non- commissioned care, formal or informal carer or personal assistant please complete the form below.

Email the completed form to Commissioning@dudley.gov.uk marking the title of the email as 'Urgent PPE request.' Once processed, you will be contacted by phone to arrange a collection or delivery of PPE from Commissioning staff .

In the event that Dudley Council are unable to provide an emergency supply of PPE please contact the National Supply Disruption Service (NSDR) on 0800 915 9964.

Correct use of PPE

Advice on the correct use of PPE can be found at the following links:

Residential care homes & nursing Homes

Domiciliary Care