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Dudley Council’s Covid Response Team

The Covid Response Team is a newly formed agile team that is involved in many aspects of Dudley Council’s response to Covid-19, from testing to infection control. You may see Covid Response Officers in your local high street, community events, or businesses, working to provide Covid-19 support to the Dudley Borough whilst promoting the message to “Be considerate, Be kind, Be safe”.

Why are there Covid Response Officers in my area?

The Covid Response Team conducts routine engagements across all townships of the Dudley Borough, ensuring safe measures are in place to protect workplaces from Covid-19. There are three key objectives to these visits:

1. To gain an insight into what steps businesses are taking to work alongside Covid-19
2. To answer key questions and queries regarding Covid-19 risk assessment and infection control
3. To raise awareness for vaccination and regular testing to protect Dudley residents from Covid-19.

What happens when Covid Response Officers visit my business?

When visiting a business, Covid Response Officers aim to have a conversation with the business owner / duty supervisor around general Covid-19 safety. During this conversation, they may ask about infection control measures such as:

• Covid-19 Risk Assessments
• Covid-19 Signage
• Covid-19 Vaccination and Testing in staff
• Cleaning routines

These questions are intended to encourage a friendly and constructive conversation, in which the Covid Response Officer can advise on best practice to ensure the safety of both your staff and customers.

What happens after a Covid Response Officer has visited my business?

The Covid Response Team aims to maintain Dudley Council’s presence among the community, and give you the opportunity to have a conversation about how to work alongside the Covid-19 Pandemic. Any concerns or queries that remain unresolved, or require more detailed advice, may be fed back to Dudley Council’s Environmental Health Team to provide more bespoke and specific guidance to support your workplace. Overall, this helps Dudley Council gain a greater understanding of how local businesses are coping during the pandemic, while providing you and your business with the advice and support needed to continue doing so.

The council has been working closely throughout the pandemic with businesses to provide advice and support the implementation of new measures to improve the safety of customers. 

The scheme is funded through the government’s Local Authority Covid Compliance and Enforcement Grant.