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Dudley Council have created a brand new team of Covid-19 Business Support Advisors who are visiting businesses across the borough to ensure they have the appropriate Covid-19 measures in place and where they do issuing ‘Covid-19 Customer Secure’ posters for the businesses to display.

What is Covid-19 Customer Secure?

A business is deemed Covid-19 Customer Secure when they evidence as part of the inspection they have the following measures in place:

  • A contact tracing system is in place to collect the details of customers and visitors where required
  • The NHS QR Code is displayed and working correctly where required
  • Covid-19 safety signage is displayed  
  • A system is in place for checking Covid-19 symptoms of staff and customers where required
  • A cleaning regime is in place   
  • Facilities for hand washing are available 
  • Steps have been taken to maintain a 2 meter distance and where people cannot maintain 2 meter distancing, the business has implemented risk mitigation
  • Staff are wearing adequate PPE  
  • Customers are wearing a face covering

How does my business become Covid-19 Customer Secure?

To become Covid-19 Customer Secure you will need to be inspected by a member of the Council’s Covid-19 Business Support Advisors Team and have the relevant measure in place.

If you would like to have a Covid Compliant inspection please request a visit Via Dudley Council Plus or by calling Dudley Council Plus on 0300 555 2345.

The council has been working closely throughout the pandemic with businesses to provide advice and support the implementation of new measures to improve the safety of customers. 

The scheme is funded through the government’s Local Authority Covid Compliance and Enforcement Grant.