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Dudley Council
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Centre for Equality & Diversity (CfED) is equipped to offer support to sponsors ensuring that cultural and religious needs are met of the Ukrainians, individuals and families that are being sponsored.

They can offer the sponsors direct support for their respective guests by connecting and engaging with the wider communities that will support their integration and resettlement process in Dudley.

Centre for Equality & Diversity also offer the following: 

  • 1 to 1 support with individuals or families in and around Dudley (i.e. housing, benefits, education, registering for NHS services etc.)
  • ESOL beginner provisions, i.e. conversational English, for day to day use
  • IT facilities, such as computers and telephone services which can be used to contact public services, access Universal Credit accounts etc.
  • A range of donated items i.e. clothes, school uniforms, adult and children clothes and shoes available to pass on to new families