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Linking the council plan to other plans

How does the council plan link with other plans?

Borough vision

The Council Plan is aligned to the Forging a Future for All Borough Vision. Each outcome in the Council plan can be linked to at least one of the seven borough vision aspirations.

The borough vision aspirations were developed with key partners and stakeholders. They describe what we want Dudley borough to be like in 2030. They seven aspirations are:

  1. An affordable and attractive place to live with a green network of high-quality parks, waterways and nature reserves that are valued by local people and visitors
  2. A place where everybody has the education and skills they need, and where outstanding local schools, colleges and universities secure excellent results for their learners
  3. A place of healthy, resilient, safe communities where people have high aspirations and the ability to shape their own future
  4. Better connected with high quality and affordable transport, combining road, tram, rail, and new cycling and walking infrastructure
  5. Renowned as home to a host of innovative and prosperous businesses, operating in high quality locations with space to grow, sustainable energy supplies and investing in their workforce
  6. A place to visit and enjoy that drives opportunity, contributing to its ambitious future while celebrating its pioneering past
  7. Full of vibrant towns and local centres, offering a new mix of leisure, faith, cultural, residential and shopping uses

You can find out more by visiting the Borough Vision page

Future council programme

longside the Council Plan there is also the Future Council programme. This looks at how the day-to-day work of the council can change to be ready for any future needs and challenges. There are four key themes:

  • People (delivered through the People Strategy)
  • Place (delivered through the Corporate Estates Strategy)
  • Digital (delivered through the Digital Road Map)
  • Process (delivered through a number of policies, processes and procedures)

Our governance and processes in delivering the council plan and our future council programme ensures that the council is fit for the future and financially sustainable. 

Black country plan

The Black Country Plan (previously known as the Black Country Core Strategy) is a joint Local Plan prepared by the four Black Country Authorities (Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall and Wolverhampton). 

The existing Strategy has shaped the housing, industrial and retail growth of the area, whilst protecting the environment and greenbelt. It has also been successful in supporting regeneration for the past six years.

The Plan is currently under review and will direct where new development will be located for the Black Country up to 2039.  It will guide key issues like new housing, employment land, supporting infrastructure and services and protecting that natural and historic environment. 

More information can be found on the Black Country Plan website