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How do we monitor our progress?

Performance monitoring

Each part (directorate) of the council considers the Council Plan and puts together a plan of how that service can work towards the objectives. Through doing this each directorate will list a series of actions and performance measures that will demonstrate how they are progressing.

Performance measures (also called performance indicators) are reported on through our quarterly performance reports. The reports show targets and whether performance measures are on track to meet the targets. The quarterly performance reports are presented at strategic executive board, informal cabinet and the Future Council scrutiny committee.

You can view these reports on the performance pages.


Quarterly Corporate Performance Reports are developed and reported and reviewed by Strategic Executive Board, Informal Cabinet, the Deputy and Shadow Deputy Leader and Future Council Scrutiny Committee.

Progress against Directorate performance score cards are monitored at monthly directorate management team meetings and circulated to directorate scrutiny committees for information and consideration. 

Information on the Future Council scrutiny committee is available on the Committee Management System