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Oval and Tudor Tenants and Residents Association (TRA)

Since the Oval and Tudor TRA was established in 2006, it has gained experience and knowledge, hopefully to help the community which it covers to the best of its ability.

A TRA (Tenants and Residents Association) opens the doors for us to apply for various funding, this could be for projects, or for any other needs beneficial to the area it covers. As a result of such funding, we were successful in obtaining funds from the Dudley Federation of Tenants and Residents Association through Capital Bids, it will enable all tenants on their estate, the opportunity to have a Sensor Light fitted to their property. This program will continue to be on-going until all properties have been completed.

Objectives for the Oval & Tudor TRA have been identified and include focusing on minimising anti-social behaviour in the area by working closely with the local Police, Dudley Council and our local Councillors.

As you may be aware the Oval and Tudor estate is prone to localised flooding, from personal experience I know what devastation this can cause. We will continue to work in partnership with Drains Maintenance by reporting blocked drains and having the gutter drains cleaned out on a regular basis. (Work has already commenced cleaning out the drains)

The Oval and Tudor Newsletter continues to go from strength to strength, with a lot of hard work going into each edition from the Oval & Tudor Newsletter team with support from Judith Ashford and Neighbours News. The newsletter goes out free of charge, every 3 months to over 850 homes, it is a valuable source of information for the local people and business a like. They have recently secured funding from Grassroots for publication of the Newsletter for the next 3 years

All TRA members feel honoured to have received an award from DFTRA for “Best TRA 2008”, for their achievements over the past year. This will go alongside the award they won the previous year. These will go on display at the Kent Street Centre, 67 Kent Street, Upper Gornal.

The Oval and Tudor TRA will do their best to continue working together with Council Officers, local Councillors and DFTRA, and the many partners they have worked with over the past 2 years to help make where we live a safer and enhanced community.

Community Clean-up Events

Community Day

We obtained funding to organise a Community Days in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013. The days consisted of a Litter Pick of the Oval & Tudor estate, during the day, and a Barn Dance in the evening. The TRA worked in partnership with the Upper Gornal Methodist Church and Dudley Council. During the day a litter pick took place, we all met up at the church, over 30 volunteers usually help. We spilt up into 4 groups and each team does a section of the estate, 16 plus bags of rubbish are usually collected. Afterwards we all met back at the church for refreshments. The days are about bringing together the local community in a fun and social way, and at the same time encourage us all to take pride in were we live. Special thank you to all those who help organise the days, and everyone that had taken part.

For more information please contact the Participation Development Team by email Participation Development Team or telephone 01384 815168.


Oval and Tudor TRA