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Dudley Council’s equality policy

Employment summary

The overall objective of the council's equality policy is to:

  • eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation;

  • advance equality of opportunity; and

  • foster good relations between people from different backgrounds.

This objective covers the council’s employment policies and practices, and its services and public functions. The council will lead by example and will work with its partner organisations and the borough’s communities in order to achieve this objective. The objective applies to all groups protected under the Equality Act 2010. The council will also make sure that it does not treat less favourably on any grounds that cannot be shown to be justified people protected by other legislation, such as that covering trade union or political activities, social class, where a person lives or spent convictions. While the council is committed to meeting its duties under equality legislation, it also aims to follow the good practice set out in statutory codes of practice and guidance which accompany the legislation.

The council aims:

  • to ensure that its employment policies and procedures do not discriminate directly or indirectly against any group or individual on any unjustifiable grounds;

  • to make the profile of its workforce at all levels as representative of the borough's population as possible;

  • to monitor its employment processes by relevant protected characteristics and take action to address inequalities that are apparent;

  • to promote a culture of fairness and respect in all its employment policies, procedures and practices;

  • to provide appropriate training for employees on equality issues;

  • to protect its employees from harassment and investigate all claims of harassment that are made;

  • to respond appropriately to the particular needs of employees, including those relating to religion or culture.

Job applicants who feel that they may have grounds for complaint should refer to the ‘Fair Deal for Job Applicants’ and contact the Assistant Director HR and Organisational Development. Employees who believe that they are suffering from harassment or bullying, or have other complaints related to this policy arising from their employment, can raise the matter through the council’s grievance policy and procedure.

This summary contains extracts from the council’s equality policy (March 2012)

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