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Dudley Council the historic capital of the Black Country
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References must be provided for the complete three year period preceding application for a post. If you are currently in employment, you must give details of your present employer.

If you are unable to provide references for a complete three year period please give the employer who employed you for the longest period during that time. Students should give senior tutor or studies supervisor. If unemployed, please give most recent employer. References from relatives or people writing solely in the capacity of a friend will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances.

For posts involving working with a vulnerable group at least one acceptable reference will be required from the last post in which you worked with vulnerable groups. If you are not currently working with a vulnerable group but have done so in the past, it is a requirement that you provide the reference details of the last employer where you worked with such a group, even if this is more than three years ago.

References will be sought prior to interview for posts working with vulnerable groups unless there are exceptional circumstances as deemed acceptable by the recruiting manager. Under the Equality Act 2010, at this stage, health or absence related information will not be requested. Should you subsequently be successful at interview and made a conditional offer, this information will then be sought from referees.