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Local Government Association’s Peer Review

Local Government Association’s 2020 Peer Review

The full report from the Local Government Association’s Peer Review assessment has now been published following the review that took place earlier this year.

The content has been welcomed by senior leaders at the council as it recognises the work that has taken place to develop the borough vision and highlighted how the borough had embraced its Black Country identity.

The review offered suggestions for how we can look to improve things further and the outcomes will inform our improvement plans for the years ahead.

Please see the downloads below, for the full report and self-assessment report that provides a position statement summarising our key drivers, issues and challenges.

In addition to the report is an addendum executive summary that has been developed to provide an overview of the post Covid-19 position and highlights the key ways the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way the Council has operated over the last few months.

What is a Local Government Peer Review?

The LGA Peer Challenges are sector led improvement reviews that are offered to local authorities, undertaken by elected members and officer peers. The peer challenge offers an opportunity to validate the direction of travel and approach being taken by the Council, and test, stretch and further evolve thinking for the future.

Our Corporate Peer Challenge focused on five areas including the understanding of the local place and priority setting, our place leadership role, organisational leadership and governance, financial planning and viability and our capacity to deliver. The team were also asked to consider our operating culture and readiness for the future and our appetite and understanding of commercialisation.

A team of peers spent four days with us, speaking to more than 100 people including a range of council officers together with local councillors and external stakeholders, partners and residents in a series of meetings, discussion sessions and focus groups.