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Drivers warned against engine idling as council battles air pollution

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Drivers are being urged to turn their engines off while parked up as council chiefs bid to tackle air pollution in the borough.

Signs are going up around the borough urging residents to cut out engine idling.

The first signs have been put up in Shelah Road, Halesowen, to try and deter coach drivers from leaving their engines running while waiting to pick up college students.

The Royal College of Physicians estimates 40,000 deaths a year in the UK are linked to air pollution, with engine idling – leaving the car running while it is not in motion – thought to be a significant contributor to that.

It is also against the law, with drivers caught facing the possibility of a court appearance and a hefty fine.

Councillor Rob Clinton, cabinet member for climate change, said:

As we move into winter and temperatures drop, drivers may be tempted to park up and keep their engine running while they wait for someone to finish work, or a child to come out from school.
This is a major contributor to air pollution that is so easily avoidable.
This new campaign strongly urges residents and visitors to our borough to avoid leaving their engines running when stationary or parked up for more than a minute.
Doing so releases pollutants into the atmosphere for others to breathe in, something which can be even more harmful in busy pedestrian areas such as outside schools where we see it happening a lot.
Help us improve air quality and save yourself some money by switching your engines off.

For more information on the ways you can help the borough breathe cleaner air, go to

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