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Directory of Fees and Charges

The fees and charges of services provided by The Place Directorate can be found here.

Summary: Interment - Adult | Bereavement | Interment Fees
Information: A person whose age at death is equal to or exceeds 17 years
Link: Burials and Graves
Additional: The exclusive right of burial and interment fees are doubled:- i) When deceased is not a resident or Council Tax Payer of the borough of Dudley. ii) When the burial rights are pre-purchased by anyone who is not a resident or Council Tax Payer of the Borough of Dudley. Exception: When deceased lived in the Borough for the majority of their life and took up a place in full time care outside the Borough within two years of their death. The family is to provide the relevant information for claiming this exception to this burial authority.
VAT: Not subject to VAT
Fee: One Coffin depth: £1117 Two Coffin depth: £1257 Three Coffin depth £1536