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Parents across Dudley are benefiting from an incentive scheme that’s helping them make the switch from disposables to washable nappies.

Dudley Council is offering the incentive scheme to encourage parents to use the real nappies because they are more environmentally friendly. Under the scheme, parents living in the borough can claim £30 when they spend over £50 on washable nappies or accessories (download the claim form from the bottom of this page).

Real nappy cash-back forms should only be filled in once your child is born. Please do not ask you health visitor to sign the form unless they have seen your child in reusable nappies.


"We decided to try washables for environmental reasons, but we never realised how much money we would save, our little girl went through 10-12 nappies a day during her first year. The cost of disposables would have been more than three times as much as I have spent on washables. Were expecting another baby shortly and both will use washables, it’s a lot easier than expected. The Dudley scheme is a great incentive as you can choose the brand and supplier."

Helen Robinson, Stourbridge

"I used cotton nappies with my first child and having found them easy to use, was keen to do the same again with my second. This meant I could reuse nappies already bought, needing only to restock in liners and nappy powder for washing. I use a disposable nappy during the night, but on the whole I personally prefer not to use ‘smelly’ disposables. I found that my first child was aware of what it feels like to be wet and had an understanding of using the toilet to get rid of poo, all of which helped her leave nappies completely behind in the day by just over two and at night by three."

Tracey Reading, Halesowen

"My husband and I were very keen on using reusable nappies to do our bit for the environment and they are very simply and cost effective. Although the initial outlay was more expensive than disposable nappies, we calculated they would be far more cost effective in the long run.

Our daughter is 10 weeks old and has not suffered from nappy rash, like other babies I know, and I put that down to the fact that we are using reusable nappies - they are kinder to the skin and more breathable than disposables.

When we go out for the day, I do take disposable nappies for convenience so as not to have to carry dirty nappies in the bag. However, they are not as good a real nappies and I find that disposables often leak at the legs as they do not fit as well as the reusable ones.

I would certainly recommend people to try real nappies. They are easy to use, more cost effective in the long term, reduce waste and less smelly than disposable waiting to collected by the bin men."

Lisa Innes, Sedgley

"I didn't start using real nappies with my daughter until she was one. I was surprised at how easy they were to use and wash. I love having a choice of nappy styles and colours and will definitely think about using them with my next baby."

Cathryn Skidmore, Wordsley.

"I have found reusable nappies to be really good. Modern ones are very easy to use. I have saved money, and obviously done my bit for the environment too. I still use disposables when I am out and about, and at night time too, but when we are round the house, I use reusables. Just making this simple change will still make a difference to your pocket, and to the environment. Obviously it’s not ideal to have smelly nappies hanging around waiting to be washed, but I just put them in a lidded bucket in scented nappy bags. To be honest it’s nice not to have our household waste bin bulging with used disposables!"

Emma Robinson, Amblecote

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