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Dudley Council
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We work with early years settings, schools, families and partner agencies to support children and young people (aged 0-16) with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

Our aim is to raise standards, aspirations and expectations, enable full access to the curriculum and inclusion within the setting allowing us to improve your child's educational, social, emotional and physical outcomes.

We support children/young people with autism spectrum disorders, specific language impairments, complex medical conditions, hearing and vision and physical impairments.


Autism Outreach Service (AOS)

The Autism Outreach Service supports pupils with a diagnosis of autism, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and Asperger syndrome in mainstream schools. Support is also offered to families in the home.

Hearing Impairment Service (HIS)

Our Hearing Impairment Service (HIS) support babies, children and students 0-16 years (or to 19 by arrangement) with a diagnosed hearing impairment, their families and carers.

Speech and Language

Following referral, Specialist Teachers and Specialist Teaching Assistants can provide educational outreach to children in their Early Years setting and KS1 mainstream school. 

Physical Impairment and Medical Inclusion Service (PIMIS)

PIMIS is a team of qualified specialist teachers and a specialist peripatetic teaching assistant.

Our aim is to enable all pupils with physical impairments and/or medical conditions to access their educational environment alongside their peers. 

Specialist Early Years Service (SEYS)

SEYS supports any child from birth to entry into full time school where learning development is delayed, or where a diagnosis indicates that there will be special educational needs.

Visual Impairment Service (VIS)

Our Visual Impairment Service provides advice, information and training for parents/carers and teachers of children and young people with diagnosed or suspected visual impairment/difficulties.