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Energy Bills rebate

More information on the £150 energy bills rebate

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Enjoy your gardening? For £30, we will continue to collect each fortnight over autumn and winter, giving you a year-long pick up.

The free garden waste collection begins each year at the end of March. It collects each fortnight until the end of October, beginning of November.

Like the free service, you can use the extra collections for;
  • grass cuttings
  • hedge clippings
  • weeds
  • leaves
  • small branches
  • small pruning's

Please, do not add in;

  • animal waste
  • food waste
  • bricks/rubble/concrete
  • household waste
  • large branches/tree stumps
  • paper/cardboard
  • plastics
  • soil/stones
  • wire/nails

Frequently asked questions

What is on offer and how much?

The £30 one-off charge covers six extra collections over the autumn and winter months.

  • Three collections after the end of the free service in October/November.
  • Three collections before the start of the free service in the March next year.

You can use these collections to dispose of normal green waste.

Why are we offering this chargeable extension?

We ran a successful trial with over a 1,000 households offering them two extra collections for £15. Due to this, we are extending the six extra collections for £30 to any residents in the Borough.

The normal, 32 week, green waste collection will remain free.

Will this affect the current garden waste collections?

It will not, they will remain the same.

The free service will run each fortnight from March until end of October, start of November. If you pay for the extra service, it will begin once the free one ends.

If I don't sign up, how else can I dispose of garden waste?

If you do not want to sign up to the scheme you can get rid of your garden waste as normal during autumn and winter.

You can book slots to dispose of garden waste at the Household Waste and Recycling Centre.


If you have the space, why not put your garden waste into a composter or compost heap and let nature work its magic?

You will get nutrient rich compost that you can put back into your garden.

We have offers on compost bins on Dudley Recycles – so why not have a look?

Can I cancel or get a refund if I change my mind?

You can cancel the extra six collections service at any time.

Refunds are only available within a 14-day cooling off period, starting from the date of order. Following the cooling off period, any payment is not refundable.