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Dudley Council the historic capital of the Black Country
Dudley Skyline

Big issues like climate change mean we have to think about our impact on the environment.

There are many definitions of sustainable development which mean different things to different people. The Bruntland Report of 1987 defines Sustainable Development as “development which meets the needs of present generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.”

James Jones, Bishop of Liverpool described Sustainable Development as “Enjoying the Earth’s resources without jeopardising the welfare of future generations”

Sir Crispin Tickell described Sustainable Development as “Treating the Earth as though we intend to stay here.”

For Dudley Council, sustainable development is about meeting the diverse needs of everyone (who lives, works and visits) in the Borough both now and in the future, and providing opportunity of choice. This will be achieved by: promoting social cohesion and a fair society; strengthening economic prosperity; protecting and improving the Borough’s natural environment; and managing natural (and other) resources sensibly.

What is the council doing to reduce impact on the environment?

The Council has an on going programme to Save Energy by increasing energy efficiency of the borough's buildings including offices, schools and houses.

Energy Efficiency studies have also been carried out in certain Council buildings which has resulted in energy savings. The Council is also researching the use of alternative fuels and has purchased two vehicles which operate on natural gas.

Through working with its many partners, the council is committed to contributing to the economic vitality of the borough through Land Use/Economic Development

The Council's first Greenhouse Gases Report covering 2009/10 to 2010/11 has been published and is available at the bottom of this page.

The Council is one of the seven metropolitan authorities which has been selected by the government to trial a plan for improving air quality across the borough. This will consider the major contributors to pollution such as road transport, energy generation, industrial processes and domestic sources. Dudley Council has always taken a positive approach to improving air quality and the entire borough is now smoke controlled.

:: more on Actions for Sustainability - Pollution

Each year the Council deals with 120,000 tonnes of controlled waste, the vast majority of which is from households.

In treating its waste, the Council's strategy for the future will concentrate on recovering benefit from the waste.

Everyone can make choices to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Every small activity helps the bigger picture.

Our lifestyle choices all have an impact on our environment and climate change. We can all make a few quick changes in many areas of our lives which will reduce our environmental impact and make a positive contribution to tackling change.

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