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Dudley Council the historic capital of the Black Country
Dudley Skyline

Actions For Sustainability - Conservation Of The Built And Natural Environment


  • To recognise and promote the need to manage and protect important features of the urban and rural landscape
  • Protect and enhance the boroughs diverse wildlife and geology
  • Encourage local pride and responsibility by raising awareness and encouraging active involvement of individuals

Dudley is fortunate in that it can boast a diverse natural environment within the built up area and also a rich urban and built heritage which provides a strong link with the past and important contributions to townscape and sense of place. The Unitary Development Plan (land use plan) provides a framework of policies to protect and enhance Dudley's natural environment and heritage.

The borough's countryside is highly accessible and provides a valuable resource for recreation and conservation. The Council works closely with many agencies such as English Nature and Urban Wildlife Trust to designate and managing nature reserves.

The Council encourages local communities to share responsibility for the care and management of local wildlife e.g. through Wildlife Watch (rare species in Dudley). There are many local voluntary groups which contribute to looking after wildlife sites, and working on conservation schemes. They also organise activities which publicise and promote wildlife and conservation of the built and natural environment.

Management of the historical environment is important in terms of local identity. English Heritage gives specialist advice about conservation matters, particularly listed buildings and archaeological sites. The council manages major heritage projects such as Himley Hall, Leasowes Park and the Glass Quarter. The borough's rich geological heritage is also an important educational resource e.g. Wrens Nest National Nature Reserve.

Future Actions

The Council aims to:

  • Implement the conservation, access and awareness measures detailed in the Councils strategic document: "Dudley countryside strategy"
  • Implement the action plan for nature conservation in Dudley
  • Review the condition and proposals for canal improvements throughout the borough
  • Pursue the designation of Wrens Nest and Castle Hill as a world heritage site
  • Update a list of locally important buildings and structures
  • Prepare Biodiversity Action Plan

What Are You Doing?

Have you thought of creating a Wildlife Nature Reserve in your garden eg. by digging a pond, providing bird tables, using alternatives to peat and pesticides etc.

Who is involved in managing nearby open areas to your home or place of work? Could you become involved?