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Dudley Council the historic capital of the Black Country
Dudley Skyline

Actions For Sustainability - Land Use/Economic Development


  • To develop a climate in which jobs can be retained and created, new skills promoted and developed and a diverse local economy sustained
  • To ensure the best use of scarce land resources, enhance the quality of the environment and actively promote a sustainable pattern of development

For the borough to move towards a more sustainable environment, it is imperative that it is planned in a way which promotes sustainable development and meets the needs of its residents in providing for homes, infrastructure for new business, local services and leisure facilities. The Dudley Unitary Development Plan is the statutory land use plan for the borough which sets the planning framework up to 2001. Planning applications for development are assessed in accordance with this framework. All applications are locally publicised. and specialist agencies are consulted for their views.

Through working with its many partners, the council is committed to contributing to the economic vitality of the borough. Effective partnerships are encouraged between schools, further and higher education, the careers service, and encouraging employees to improve the skills and confidence of people in order to take advantage of employment opportunities and to safeguard employment opportunities. The Borough's four local action centres provide a local focus for this process. It is also essential to provide an attractive and sustainable environment both internally and externally to business premises to minimise environmental damage and improve the well being of employees and communities.

Future Actions

The council aims to:

  • Carry out an environmental assessment of the Unitary Development Plan
  • Update the Unitary Development Plan to achieve a more sustainable pattern of development and minimise the need to travel
  • Continue to develop local initiatives that promote sustainable development in consultation with local communities
  • Explore the potential for the development of a sustainable tourism strategy
  • Restore derelict, contaminated and unstable land
  • To promote the reclamation and the development of Castle Gate, Dudley to provide employment opportunities