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Strategic Housing and Environment Partnership

Climate Change Group
The Dudley Climate Change Group was set up in 2008 as a sub group of the Strategic Housing and Environment Partnership. The Group is a multi-stakeholder group, and it chaired by a representative of the voluntary and community sector.
Membership includes officers from Dudley Council, The Environment Agency, Dudley Community Partnership, Groundwork Black Country, Government Office West Midlands and the voluntary/community sector.
The group are focussing on reducing their impact upon climate change. The intended partnership activities, indicators and targets are included in a Delivery Plan. These are linked to local indicators as a way of measuring progress toward the national measure. The overall target for a reduction in carbon emissions is 1% every year for the three years of the plan.
Initiatives and milestones in the delivery plan include;
  • Secure strategic “buy in” to the climate change agenda through the signing of the Nottingham Declaration.
  • Gain an understanding how the borough and council services have been affected by extreme weather events through a local climate impact assessment.
  • Produce a climate change strategy for Dudley.
  • Establish CO2 emission monitoring process to judge the effectiveness of local initiatives,
  • Reduce the impact of car travel through the promotion of travel plans, establishing a car share database, and organising awareness raising days, e.g, Walk to Work Day.
  • Develop current activities in schools through the co-ordination of current initiatives and establishing a network to share best practice.
  • Encourage and greater community activity and awareness through rolling out the Community Champions programme
  • Develop a Dudley Climate Change Checklist for use within Dudley Council and partner organisations.
  • Greater promotion of Carbon Free TV to partner organisations.