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Great things can happen when the lights go out………
Dudley Council has launched an awareness raising campaign to encourage staff to reduce their use of electricity in the workplace.
The role of the individual in making a contribution to reducing the authority’s carbon emissions cannot be overlooked. The focus of action could be based around a “switch it off campaign.” This campaign will encourage employees to change their behaviour through simple measures such as turning off lights, printers, photocopiers, etc. Marketing tools could include posters, publications, rotating displays, e-mail shots, links to information on the internet and other agencies.
The Council has recently launched some intranet pages. The pages contain a number of useful facts and top tips for sustainability in the workplace.
Research and experiences of other local authorities suggests that reductions in energy use of about 4% can be achieved through the launch of a high profile campaign.
This objective has natural links to the ICT Sustainability Strategy. This strategy has set a target to reduce the number of printers and photocopiers used by the authority. The Sustainability benefits of this approach are likely to be a reduction in paper usage and energy consumption. There are likely to be financial benefits from reduced purchase of consumables (paper, toner, ink etc) and reduced capital outlay on equipment.