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James’s story – Removing barriers and moving into education

On James completing secondary school he left with grades good enough to help him move towards employment but James lost his motivation, so much so that his life led to him becoming homeless.

With support from local services and Black Country Impact we are helping James turn his life around, he is now living in supported accommodation and with the help of a Black Country Impact advisor has received the advice he needs, ranging from different training options, college opportunities, and local apprenticeship routes. All helping to show James that there is a way forwards.

Through the Black Country Impact service we have been able to work with James and talked through how the barriers he faces can be removed, enabling his active participation in training, education, and employment.

Through working together with James we quickly realised that going back into mainstream education was not going to be the answer, as James wasn’t comfortable with the prospect. The depth of service we are able to provide through Black Country Impact has meant we have been able to put together a bespoke level of support for James that is completely individualised to his own interests.

We have researched jobs James could see himself progressing in and the necessary qualifications and experience needed. With the added service we have been able to offer through Black Country Impact we have been able to build a package of support to remove James’s barriers that have been keeping him from employment, like health and safety in the workplace, first aid, and a range of other vocational courses that he needs to build his career.

The story is good for James and we have helped him plan for a brighter future, helping him identify a range of areas that will underpin any work placements or jobs he may have in the future, and most importantly giving him the self-esteem to succeed.

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