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Jessica, Hayden, Harry and Adeela’s story – Helping with tools and finding that dream job

Here are just a few of our successes; could you be the next success?

The Black Country Impact is making a real difference to the lives and employability of young adults across the Black Country.

Adeela’s story:

Adeela had become unemployed after making a decision to leave her chosen career. Adeela had followed an employment path to be a teacher but realised that it was not for her. After discussing her situation with Job Centre Plus they both decided that her best option was to be referred to us, at Black Country Impact.

Adeela’s chosen career was causing her anxiety and giving her confidence issues, a change in direction was needed. With this in mind and after speaking with an employability officer, Adeela felt that her future employment prospects would rest in the field of office work and general administration but she needed help to make this a reality.

Through working together Black Country Impact identified that Adeela would benefit from a placement where she could gain the experience she needed, working in a busy office environment where she could develop both the administrative and inter-personal skills required.

Through the Black Country Impact, we managed to arrange a placement with a local neighbourhood learning centre, where she could assist the arts curriculum leader.

By taking the placement Adeela learnt the skills she needed for her change in career, these included engaging with a range of community groups to identify their arts learning needs and supporting the development of learning programmes and workshops. The skills this helped Adeela gain included how to contribute to the efficient running of an organisation by maintaining administrative systems and processes including filing, data inputting and archiving. She also gained valuable experience in providing information both internally and externally by answering routine queries from members of the public. Furthermore Adeela worked alongside the curriculum leader to support an arts showcase event by helping to arrange the performances, artists, venue, catering and distribution of tickets. In fact she gained experience in every aspect of the event right down to producing and distributing posters and publicity leaflets.

The skills, experience and confidence Adeela gained through the placement meant that Black Country Impact was able to help identify suitable employment opportunities with local businesses.

Following on from the support gained through the Black Country Impact Adeela has successfully obtained employment with a local employer in an administrative role, helping to give Adeela the start she wanted.


Jessica who started her Business Administration Level 2 Apprenticeship with help of the Black Country Impact during March, said:

“I am excited and relieved to be in my new position after being out of work since May of 2016 and excited to get my qualification and learn new things.”

She explains in full:

“This project has helped me a lot by getting me into an apprenticeship and also helped me by making my CV more professional.

“The staff are incredibly friendly and approachable, the helped me by giving me many opportunities to pursue different roles of work including the apprenticeship I am now in. I would highly recommend the Black Country Impact team.

“I am excited and relieved to be in my new position after being out of work since May of 2016 and excited to get my qualification and learn new things.

“I am aiming to get my qualification so that I may add it to my CV so that I can move up within the employer and to get another job elsewhere if this doesn’t happen for me.

“I received CV support from Black Country Impact when we had our first meeting, they helped to make it more professional and presentable to a future employer.”


“Black Country Impact project has provided me with tools for my construction apprenticeship.

"I am happy with them as it has given me a good start and is helping me with my trade.”