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Arranging your support plan

The council will discuss with you what eligible needs you would like us to meet and then agree a support plan with you. The support plan will be individual to you, and include:

details of identified needs from your carers assessment

  • which needs meet the national eligibility criteria

  • which needs the council is going to meet, and how

  • the outcomes you would like to achieve

  • information about the personal budget available to you (this is an amount of money the council has worked out it will cost to arrange the necessary support for you)

  • information and advice to support you in your caring role and address your needs

  • information about direct payments


In many cases the best way of supporting you as a carer is to provide a service/s to the person/s you care for. For example;

  • adaptations to the cared for person’s home to make it more suitable

  • provision of equipment such as a hoist or grab rail

  • a temporary stay in residential care/respite care

  • replacement care via a care worker or direct payment to enable you to have a break

  • a place at a day centre


If your needs cannot be met through the provision of support to the person you care for, the council may support you through a

  • directly provided service,

  • through support from external providers such as charities

  • a direct payment so you can arrange your own support


Some examples of the kind of help that maybe available to you as a carer, if you are eligible for support, include:

  • help with getting around; such as driving lessons or travel fares

  • technology to support you, such as a computer if you cannot access computer services from a local library; mobile phone if you need to be in regular contact with the cared for person

  • help with housework or gardening

  • help to relieve stress, improve your own health and wellbeing, such as gym membership or a college course


Want more information?

You can contact Dudley Carers Hub on 01384 818723 to discuss your needs and arrange a carers needs assessment.