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For the last few years all councils in England and Wales have been working with partner agencies, users of services and carers to transform how adult social care support is delivered. The guidelines for this come from an initiative called Think Local, Act Personal.

The first stage of this was called Transforming Adult Social Care and if you follow these links you can find out more about the principles and how we set about things in Dudley.

The next stage of Think Local, Act Personal is called Making it Real. Making it Real is a set of standards or markers which directly relate to the experiences of those who use our services or who care for people who do. These markers will be used to support all those working towards personalisation. This will help organisations check their progress and decide what they need to do to keep moving forward to deliver real change and positive outcomes with people. You can see these markers in the document at the foot of this page - also available in an easy read version.

Read on to see what we are doing now to Make it Real in Dudley and what we need to take into consideration when developing and implementing our action plan.

The Making it Real Peer Challenge

Several West Midlands authorities, including Dudley, agreed to be pilot site areas for the Making it Real Peer Challenge project. Local authorities were asked to evaluate their own performance against the Making it Real markers or 'I' statements - and then users of services and carers were asked to do the same. This took place in March-May and a report is currently being prepared about the Challenge. In the meantime we have prepared some brief feedback (see document below) we received from an involvement exercise that took place at Queens Cross Network with assistance from Disability in Action . People who attended the session have been sent individual reports.

The Local Account

The Local Account is a document that tells people how well we have done in delivering adult social care against our priorities. It outlines the challenges we face and the work we plan to focus on over the coming year.

Health and Social Care Bill

In July the government published the draft Care and Support Bill and the accompanying White Paper Caring for the Future. These propose a single updated legal framework for adult social care and support replacing a patchwork of legislation. Follow the link for much more information on the proposals and other government work such as the government's response to the Dilnot Enquiry's recommendations on the reform of social care funding. more on the health and social care bill

Helping to Make it Real in Dudley

The council together with a range of partners and stakeholders - including people who use services, and carers has now setup the partnership Making it Real in Dudley

Equality Act 2010

The Equality Act brings together over 116 separate pieces of legislation to provide a legal framework to protect the rights of certain groups of people and promote a fair and more equal society. One of the pieces of legislation was the Disability Discrimination Act. However, the Disability Equality Duty in the DDA continues to apply. It provides legal rights for disabled people in the areas of:

  • employment

  • education

  • access to goods, services and facilities

  • buying and renting land or property

  • functions of public bodies, for example the issuing of licences

The Equality Act also provides rights for people not to be directly discriminated against or harassed because they have an association with a disabled person. This can apply to a carer or parent of a disabled person. See DirectGov for more information.