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Winter warmth support scheme

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Our winter warmth scheme aims to keep people who may be struggling to heat their homes in winter warm, cosy and well.

The scheme has been developed in response to rising fuel bills and the recognition that more and more people are finding it difficult to keep their homes warm enough during the winter months.

A range of practical support, advice and assistance is on offer, to help people keep their homes and themselves warm and well over the winter months. Anyone worried about heating their homes, paying their fuel bills, keeping their homes warm, or keeping well and in touch with others during the winter can ask for help from the scheme.

The service runs all year and offers a range of advice and practical support to help residents to afford to heat their homes. Free home energy advice visits are on offer providing advice and support with reducing home energy bills, help accessing energy discounts and grants, along with energy saving tips.

The winter warmth support helpline is 01384 817086 and anyone concerned about keeping warm themselves in winter, or worried about a friend, relative or neighbour, can ask for help.

The impact of a cold home

Being cold in your home is miserable and impacts on your health and wellbeing. Older people, young children and those with long term illnesses are particularly vulnerable to the cold.

While we often associate cold weather with hypothermia, deaths caused by this condition are just one of the consequences of cold housing.

Living in a cold home in winter can lead to:

  • An increase in heart attacks and strokes – accounting for 40% of winter deaths.
  • A significant increase in respiratory illnesses – GP visits for these problems increase dramatically when people live in cold homes
  • An exacerbation of other chronic illnesses and of depression.

Children living in cold, damp homes are more likely to suffer from asthma, bronchitis, colds and flus, and to suffer more severe symptoms. They will also have a lower than average weight gain as babies and can experience mental health problems as teenagers. Growing up in a cold home can have a real effect on children’s learning and on their enjoyment of life.


The Winter Warmth service also helps people keep their local areas clear of snow and ice during wintry weather, with the Snowbusters scheme. Free Snowbusters packs are on offer to anyone willing to help neighbours or their local community clear paths, walkways and drives of snow and ice. The packs contain a snow shovel, high visibility jacket, five litre bag of salt and a salt spreader. There is also guidance on snow clearing and manual handling. They are available to anyone living in Dudley Borough who is happy to help their local neighbours or community with snow and ice clearing during the winter months. Simply call the Winter Warmth helpline on 01384 817086 to request a pack.

For more information on Snowbusters see the frequently asked questions. You can also view the Snowbusters volunteer guidelines.

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Winter Warmth Support Helpline

Tel: 01384 817086

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