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Community Engagement and Woodside Day Service

The community engagement team is the front door for adult mental health social care services.

Our priorities

  • All incoming work will be screened via this service
  • The Preventative Criteria for the Community Engagement Service spans all age groups from 18 years of age to end of life
  • Individuals who present with mental illnesses which have been assessed as being appropriate for treatment at the primary care level will be assessed by the Community Engagement Team
  • Individuals who have an index diagnosed mental illness at a secondary care level will be referred out of the Preventative Service
  • The Preventative strategy of the Community Engagement Teams will support people to identify their aspirations and work with them in a strengths-based model to connect them to statutory, voluntary and third sector organisations

Who is in the team?

The team consists of:

  • 1 Team Manager
  • 1 Assistant Team Manager
  • 1 Community Engagement Officer
  • 3 Duty Workers
  • 3 Assistant Care Co-Ordinators

How to make a referral to the Community Engagement Team

Referrals to be made via the Access Team either by phone or email

0300 555 0055

The Access Team will complete an initial screening. If appropriate they will refer you to the community engagement team. At this point referral will be triaged to establish if the presenting individual has eligible care needs as defined by the Care Act 2014. Signposting will be provided to support individuals to access community resources to maximise wellbeing.

What support do you provide?

  • Interventions can range from one week to 12 weeks and some are subject to eligible need of the individual
  • Support plans developed, and reviews completed. Within the maximum 12-week period staff will discuss alternative support plans with citizens and an agreed exit strategy will be developed. This may mean an individual is discharged with no follow up back to their GP, or referrer
  • An individual can be connected to community groups, or an individual’s needs may be assessed as requiring further input from statutory services. They would then be referred either internally or externally, such as, counselling, psychological services, talking services, etc

Woodside Day Service

Woodside Day Service works to promote recovery, providing high quality services for people who are experiencing mental health issues or emotional distress.

The team works with people who are managing their mental health at home but would find it helpful to get more support or to have opportunities to meet other people in similar situations.

Individuals might use the Woodside Day Service alongside other support, for example, from their GP, Community Health team, crisis team or social care team.

Who is if for?

People, over 18 years can access our service if they are currently under secondary mental health services and reside in the Dudley borough or have a registered GP in the Dudley borough.

Referrals will be made via the access team, either by health professionals, social workers, or self-referrals. Individuals would then be triaged to assess eligibility.

If eligible, a person would then be offered a Social Care Assessment under the Care Act [2014], which will identify care and support needs and the individuals desired outcomes. This will determine if the Woodside Day Service can support the individual to achieve their personal outcomes.


  1. The people of Dudley borough to live an enriched life, fulfilling their full potential, regardless of disability. This will be a strengths-based approach. Care Act Section 1 - Individual Wellbeing
  2. Focusing on recovery, prevention and therapeutic intervention through peer-led events, person- centred support groups and community collaboration. Care Act Section 2 - Prevention
  3. To work with GPs, access team, social workers, hospitals. Care Act Section 3 - Integration
  4. To set up and manage information and advice service within the Dudley Borough, developing sustainable connected communities. Care Act Section 4 - Info and Advice
  5. To target under-represented groups and individuals with poor engagement or multiple admissions. Care Act Section 5 - Diverse Provision
  6. To use social media and webinars - Care Act Section 4 - Info and Advice
  7. To manage the transition for existing service users to a community supported service Care Act Section 1 - Individual Wellbeing

The Woodside Day Service will be open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, with a dedicated team comprising of a Community Engagement Officer, Assistant Care Coordinators (ACCs) and Social Workers.

Individuals will be offered a 12-week programme and will be supported by a dedicated team member, throughout their time with Woodside. The intervention will be Specific, Measurable. Achievable, Relevant and Time bound (SMART).

Woodside aims to provide support and help you learn self-management techniques that could help in the future or simply give you a change of scene. This can include:

  • Themed Group sessions, such as 5 steps to wellbeing, Mindfulness, Anxiety management, food and mood, other therapies such as arts therapies and more
  • Links to community activities, such as gardening or ecotherapy
  • Opportunities to talk to others or get peer support

Staff have a good knowledge of local services and close links with the local community mental health teams.