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Living independently service/reablement

In some situations you may contact our adult social care services when you need short term support to help you to regain your independence.

You might contact us yourself or on behalf of a friend or family member who may be finding it hard to cope at home – perhaps following a stay in hospital, an illness or a fall.

The living independently service

The living independently service is a free service, available for a maximum of six weeks, for adults who need help regaining or maximising their independence, to enable them to continue living at home. The service is also sometimes known as reablement, rehabilitation or intermediate care.

The service can help you to regain your independence, perhaps following a period of illness, or to maximise it if you are struggling living independently at home. You might need support from the service because you:

  • Are returning home after a period in hospital or residential care
  • Have new physical disabilities
  • Are recovering form a period of illness
  • Are older and need some support to remain living in your home
  • Want to regain daily living skills and confidence to live independently

A needs assessment for the service will take place. If you don’t qualify we can still provide you with information and advice about preventative services that can help you stay independent and prevent yours situation from worsening.

If you do qualify for the service then we will work with you to develop a support plan which will aim to help you regain your independence. Goals will be set and progress reviewed along the way. Your personal plan will include a range of support and could include occupational therapy, telecare or equipment, even help preparing meals or support with getting out and about in the community.

At the end of the service your needs will be reviewed and hopefully you will have regained your confidence to live independently at home. Our aim is that the intensive short term support provided will result in you being able to continue living independently.

If you still have some longer term care and support needs after the service has ended then we will arrange for a reassessment by another team. Following this your long term support will be planned and put into place.

See our leaflet under related documents on the right for further details.

Residential intermediate care

We offer a linked service in our residential intermediate care home. Generally people who have experienced a significant change to their life, due to illness or the onset of a disability, are offered a stay here. A short stay (of up to five weeks) is offered within the 24 hour care setting, to help people to regain their mobility and daily living skills. Again the aim is to assist you to return to return to living safely in your home. There is no charge for this service.

If you need further support at home after staying here this will be co-ordinated and arranged during your stay. There may however be a charge for this further support.

After a stay in hospital

If you need support following a discharge from hospital, you should be referred to the hospital social work team. This team works within the Dudley Group of Hospitals. Patients or their carers who would like support, advice or guidance from a social worker can ask ward staff to contact the team, or they can be contacted by phone on 01384 456111.

The team will assess your needs and either provide you with appropriate advice and information or refer you to the living independently service. In some cases, once the hospital considers that you are medically fit for discharge, you may be offered what is called a 'step down' bed in a care home so that your ongoing needs can be assessed there.

Charges for the living independently service

Intermediate care services, whether the living independently team support a home or in our residential home, is provided free of charge up to a maximum of six weeks.

Contact Details

Living Independently Team
Tel: 01384 811366

Access Team
Email: Access Team
Tel: 0300 555 0055

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