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Transitions - Preparing for Adulthood

There is a statutory requirement under the Care Act 2014 and it is also best practice to offer an assessment of an individual's care and support needs prior to an individual reaching the age of 18 years old, where there is deemed to be significant benefit to the young person, and where a young person or their carer is identified as likely to have eligible needs under the Care Act when the young person reaches the age of 18. The act recognises that transition from Childrens to Adult Services comes at a time of significant change in a young person’s life. Effective person centred transition planning is essential to support individuals to prepare and reach their full potential and to achieve their aspirations.

Transition planning should commence from Year 9, age 14 years old, but can differ based on the needs of the individual young person. The Transition process should support young people and their carers to access good advice, information and support in a timely manner to reduce anxieties, facilitating a smoother and more seamless transition into adult services.

The potential outcomes of a good Transition Assessment for the young person but not fully exhaustive is:

  • Support to access employment.

  • Good health outcomes

  • Opportunities for further education and training.

  • Promotion of independent living (choice and control over one’s life and housing options)

  • Social inclusion (friends, relationships and involvement in local communities

  • Empowering young people to reach their full potential.

To achieve these outcomes for young people the Care Act 2014 places a duty on professionals from a range of agencies to co-operate and engage with families, friends and the wider community to work together to achieve the best outcomes for young people and carers.

NDTI (National Development Team for Inclusion) are a national organisation that support and promote the Preparing for Adulthood outcomes. It is a programme that has been put together as part of the Delivering Better Outcomes Together consortium. It aims to support young people to gain skills in order to support their transition into adulthood.

The Preparing for Adulthood outcomes are based on what disabled young people say is important to them. Ultimately young people want to have full lives with choices about their future and control of their support.

The Preparing for Adulthood programme has three key strands of work:

  • Development and implementation of good practice through the PfA Demonstration Sites

  • Best practice and information sharing

  • Regional support in relation to all PfA outcomes and partnership working through events and networks

We will be continuing to work with the Department for Education and its partners to ensure that young people with SEND achieve paid employment, independent living and housing options, good health, friendships, relationships and community inclusion as they move into adulthood and to meet our duties under the Care Act 2014.

The NDTI preparing for adulthood organisation offer a range of programmes. More information can be found at the following link:

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