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Education, Employment and Training

The Children and Families Act 2014 has added new duties to the Children Act 1989 to assess young carers and establish whether they are ‘children in need’ and to assess parents/carers of disabled children and consider what support they may need under section 17 of the Children Act 1989. This should lead to more comprehensive identification of young carers and parents/carers on which to build a transition strategy. Transition for these groups is discussed in more detail in the SCIE guidance on transition for young carers and adult carers.

Supported Employment - It's Working In Dudley

See video below profiling people with learning disabilities making a great success of paid work.

:: more on supported employment

Talent Match

This is facilitated through Dudley Hub via Dudley College. The aim of the service is to provide young people with support via various activities to increase self-confidence, instil optimism and encourage growth.

:: more on talent match

Travel Training

Dudley has a team that provide information and support with regard to travel training and road safety. This service is co-ordinated by Dudley MBC’s Road Safety and Travel Awareness Team who work very closely and successfully with both Children’s Services Transport Team, and the Connexions Team. The benefits of the scheme are far reaching, providing independence and confidence in the students as well as giving them increased life choices.

:: more on travel training

Special Educational Needs and Educational Health Care Plans

For more information about these areas please see the following link:

:: more on special educational needs and educational health care plans

Specialist Inclusion Services

Specialist Inclusion Services provides support to people with a disability, families and other organisations to promote inclusion for disabled children and young people.

:: more on specialist inclusion services

Dudley Schools

Please see below links which identifies all the schools (both Primary and Secondary) which support children and young people with disabilities as well as mainstream education providers:

:: more on schools and colleges

:: more on schools contacts

Dudley Colleges

Please see link below which identifies further educational establishments in Dudley:

:: more on dudley colleges

Preparing for Adulthood

Preparing for Adulthood is a programme that has been put together as part of the Delivering Better Outcomes Together consortium. It aims to support young people to gain skills in order to support their transition into adulthood. They offer a range of programmes.

:: more on preparing for adulthood

:: more on transition and planning


Connexions offer a wide range of support for young people and their families with regard to accessing education/employment and developing necessary skills to support this.

:: more on connexions

Post-16 Education Training

The following link provides more information about post 16 education:

:: more on post-16 education training

Access to Employment

The following link provides information about support available for adults with a range of disabilities to access employment:

:: more on access to employment

Special Educational Needs (SEND): Local Offer

From September 2014 local authorities have a responsibility to ensure that they make information available about health, education and social care for young people and their families. The local offer includes those young people who have an Educational Health Care Plan under the Children & Families Act, SEND September 2014 and SEND Reform.

:: more on the local offer

Youth Employment Initiative

For more information about the youth employment initiative please follow the link:

:: more on the youth employment initiative

Employment Support Providers

Employment support providers offer support and advice about how to access support opportunities.

:: more on employment support providers

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