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Under the Care Act local authorities have the responsibility to provide an assessment to establish whether a person has eligible care needs. The local authority will then work with the person to consider what types of support might be provided to meet their needs.

Not all types of care and support involve a cost for the person. Whilst the Act gives local authorities the power to charge for care and support, they may not charge for services which the regulations say must always be free, for example reablement services, equipment and minor adaptations to the home.

The Care Act is focused around developing and maintaining independence and promoting an individual's wellbeing including advice and support to enable them to manage their own finances independently. If a young person/adult has been assessed as not having mental capacity to manage their own finances then support can be considered to ensure that their finances are well managed. More information on finance and money can be found on the below links.

Department of Work and Pensions

(DWP) is responsible for welfare, pensions and child maintenance policy.

:: more on department of work and pensions

Welfare Benefit Officers

Welfare Benefits Officers offer a benefits maximisation service to help you claim any benefits you may be entitled to. If you or someone you care for is assessed for adult social care support you will be contacted by a Welfare Benefits Officer as part of the social care assessment.

:: more on the welfare rights service

Paying for Care

With few exceptions, Adult Social Care isn’t free. It is means tested, so, if you have income or capital, you may be asked to contribute or pay in full for services. Over 50% of those requiring care and support, in either a Residential or Nursing Home setting or in their own homes, will need to part or fully fund it themselves.

:: more on paying for care

Direct Payments Advice

If you have been assessed by adult social care as eligible for social care support and are receiving a personal budget, you can choose to take this as direct payments. The direct payment can only be used to meet your assessed identified needs, and in accordance with Direct Payments legislation and regulations.

:: more on direct payments

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