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As its name suggests, on this page you can read about what's new from the Council and partners.

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Living with Dementia

A new guide to Living with Dementia is now available. This comprehensive booklet has been produced by the council, working together with partners from across Dudley borough, including Dudley CCG, Dudley Group of Hospitals and Alzheimers Society. It contains details of the support and services on offer for people with dementia and their carers through Dudley borough. It is intended to be a complete guide to dementia services – all in one place. To request a copy please call us on 0300 555 0055, or download a copy.

Dudley Falls Prevention

Dudley Falls Prevention is a new one stop shop for anything related to falls. The service works to help anyone over eighteen to avoid falls, maintain strength, balance and mobility, as well as help anyone who has already taken a fall to quickly regain their mobility, confidence and independence and to avoid any further falls. Lots of help and support is on offer from a range of professionals from adult social care, falls specialists, physiotherapists, GPs and Dudley Group of Hospitals, working in partnership together to provide one joined up service.

:: find out more about dudley falls prevention

Dignity in Dudley

Everyone deserves to have a positive experience of care. We want to put dignity and respect at the heart of all care services in Dudley. We are working together to make this a reality. Find out how you can help.

:: find out more about dignity in dudley

Shared Lives foster care scheme

In Shared Lives a Shared Lives foster carer shares their home and family with an adult who needs care or support to help them to live well. Carers can offer long term support, respite or short term care, or purely daytime support. There are lots of options to suit people's own families and circumstances.

People are increasingly choosing Shared Lives over other forms of care because it is a unique way to live well and live independently, but not alone. The goal is always an ordinary family life, where everyone gets to contribute and is an active member of the family. We are looking for more Shared Lives carers across Dudley borough. The scheme offers a unique, rewarding career, working from home and changing someone's life.

:: more on the shared lives foster care scheme

Age Alliance - Experience of loneliness and isolation

The following questionnaire is on behalf of Age Alliance in Dudley, the local partnership of statutory, voluntary and community organisations working together to try to improve later life for older people in the Borough. Through this questionnaire the members of the Alliance are trying to -

  • raise awareness about loneliness and isolation amongst some older people in Dudley Borough

  • find out if there are things we could do to better help older people who are experiencing loneliness

:: age alliance questionnaire

Report on Loneliness and Isolation

A report that analyses the reasons why older people in the Dudley borough become lonely and isolated has been published.

The Report on Loneliness and Isolation in Dudley Borough was produced by Dudley’s Age Alliance and its findings were based on a survey and conference held in October 2015.

Older people from Age Alliance joined forces with staff from Dudley Council, Dudley Healthwatch, AgeUK Dudley, Dudley Clinical Commissioning Group and students from Dudley College to carry out the survey which asked people about their views and experience of loneliness and isolation.

:: The Experience of Loneliness report

The Independent Living Fund

The Independent Living Fund (ILF) closed on 30 June 2015 and responsibility for supporting current ILF recipients was transferred to local authorities.

The change is designed to ensure that all social care support is delivered through one mainstream system. In determining future levels of support our approach is that a single assessment would identify the funding levels appropriate to meet individual care and support needs.

:: more on the independent living fund

Newsletters / Bulletins

Other news

  • Making it Real in Dudley
    Together with local people and our partners we are currently transforming adult social care through a programme called Making it Real in Dudley.
  • My Story
    My story tells a series of unique stories of a group of people who all use Dudley Council’s adult social care services. Each person’s story outlines the challenges they face, shows how we have worked to meet their needs and the changes to their life this has made.

  • Dudley Innovation Fund - Ideas that change lives

    The Dudley Innovation fund looks to support ideas which will make a real difference to people, and that have a good chance of developing into innovative care and support services

    The innovation fund will also help organisations such as micro-enterprises, social enterprises, mutuals, co-operatives, voluntary sector organisations and community groups and private enterprises that are already running creative care and support services to develop further and offer more capacity.

    The Dudley Innovation Fund is not just about the funding, we are also offering advice and support through Dudley CVS’s Building Blocks programme where appropriate to ensure emerging services have robust business plans and are sustainable in the future as well as support through our own Micro-Services co-ordinator.

  • Care Act in Dudley
    The Care Act represents the most significant reform of care and support in more than 60 years, putting people and their carers in control of their care and support. For the first time, the Act will put a limit on the amount anyone will have to pay towards the costs of their care.