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Support services – internal and external

We offer a range of support services for adopters. These include:
  • Co-ordination of the letterbox system to ensure effective exchange of information between birth family and adoptive family’s for the benefit of the adopted child throughout childhood.
  • Support for birth parents in all aspects of contact arrangements with their adopted children.
  • A duty system, available each weekday morning on 01384 815891, to respond to enquiries about adoption support assessments, including financial assistance, in line with the Adoption and Children Act regulations 2005.
  • Allocated social worker support in complex adoption family matters
  • Newsletter for all adopters approved by the agency and for families with whom Dudley children are placed for the first three years after an adoption order has been made. This is produced three times per year. Contributions from adopters are welcome.
  • A 12 month free subscription to Adoption UK, (an independent specialist adoption group run by adopters for adopters), usually provided at the point of approval to adopt.
  • Support in referral and access for consultation with Dudley’s child and adolescent mental health integrated support service
  • Support in seeking advice from the education support service who can advise on all aspects of school issues for children who have been in the care of the local authority, including assistance with accessing school provision
  • Signposting to specialist training events and resources for adopters on specific issues.
  • Initial counselling interviews for adult adoptees who have requested information from the General Registrar Office (also known as Section 51 Counselling for people adopted prior to 1976)

Dudley Adoption Support Service has commissioned the following additional specialist services:
Adoption Support (formerly West Midlands Adoption Support Service) 0121 666 6014
Adoption Support is a non profit making independent specialist adoption support service based in Birmingham, offering a wide range of specialist services including assistance with tracing, counselling and intermediary and group work for all individuals involved adoption.

Adoption UK Helpline: 0870 770 0450 or
Adoption UK:
  • runs an active bi- monthly support group for adoptive parents locally
  • provides post approval training to adopters including “ It’s a Piece of Cake” a 6 monthly programme talking to children about adoption
  • members are able to access a full range of support services and current date information on national issues related to adoption.
  • has a buddy scheme to offer support to new parents during matching and introductions by experienced adoptive parents. Also available for time limited support to family’s experiencing difficulties