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We place approximately 25 children per year with in an adoptive family.
During 2007-8 over half of the children were placed before their 2nd birthday and 3 children were placed with an existing adoptive family enabling them to grow up with their siblings.
We need applications from people with childcare experiences who can provide family life for brothers and sisters together under the age of 5 yrs.
We have a small number of young children of Asian/white ethnicity who need to join a family that can reflect or actively promote their heritage.
The background factors that lead to the children becoming in need of adoption are complex but include birth parents drug or alcohol dependency issues, domestic violence, exposure to risky adults.
Many of the children’s birth parents are in need of extensive support as a result of their own personal challenges and are more likely to have a degree of learning difficulty and or mental health issue than the rest of the population. These factors may impact on their children’s immediate and long-term developmental progress.
Many of the children will have experienced emotional, physical and sexual abuse and will need very special parenting to overcome these difficult experiences. Children who have experienced neglect, which is far more that poor diet and home conditions, present particular challenges for future parenting. The child will need to relearn the role of a “good enough” parent and build trusting relationships.
Most of the children are active and healthy but some have special needs and may need support long into adulthood.
In 2007-2008 all of the children placed were done so with the agreements of the family courts.
Connections are kept with each birth family wherever possible through letterbox exchange on behalf of the child. A small number of children will also continue to see particular family members in the presence of their adoptive parent(s) with support form the agency
Knowing your own history: It is natural and right for a child to want to know about their birth parents. Adoptive parents need to understand and accept the importance of the birth family to their child. The law expects all children to grow up knowing about their adoption and allows them to access their adoption records when they turn 18. Adoptive parents need to support this process and help their child understand where they came from and why they are living with a new, loving family.
Remember the adoption agency is there to support you pre and post adoption. It is important to remember that it is ok to ask for help.