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Anyone over the age of 21 is eligible to adopt. We have no rigid age limits but we aim to place children with people who can care for them and meet their needs in a safe and responsible way until they reach adulthood, We take into account a variety of factors when placing children, the most important being your ability to love and care for a child. You can be married, single, gay, straight, working, unemployed or from any ethnic background.
What matters most is what you have to offer a child.
Age: there is no age limit for adoption but we need to make sure that you are able to care for a child throughout their childhood. It’s not just your age but health, lifestyle and energy that we take into account
Health: your health is an issue, as is any smoking and alcohol consumption. You will need to provide information on your lifestyle and have a medical exam from your GP during the adoption process. If you are undergoing fertility treatment then we require at least six months, or preferably twelve to have passed following completion of treatment before you can apply.
Housing: you can rent or own but we do need to make sure that there is sufficient room for the child you are adopting
Religion: legally birth parents can request that their child is brought up in a certain faith but you would not be asked to bring up a child in a religion other than your own unless you wish to
Disability: people with a disability can adopt
Marital status: you can be single, married, divorced or living with a partner to adopt. Where couples are living together, only one party can adopt. The other will need to take out a residence order. Your social worker will help you with this.
Sexual orientation: you can be gay or straight. Same sex couples can apply
Work: when you first become a family at least one parent needs to be at home for a time to help you all settle in. Most employers now offer adoption leave, either paid or unpaid
Previous convictions: by law we need to ask you to have a criminal records check, your social worker will help with this and we will pay the cost. All previous convictions or cautions need to be declared as certain convictions or cautions will prohibit you from adopting
If you think there may be a reason why you wouldn’t be considered to adopt, please contact us to find out for certain. We are happy to answer any questions.