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The Small Bids Programme is part of Dudley Council's Short Breaks for Disabled Children provision.

At present the annual financial budget is £40,700, though this is always under annual review.

Applications for funding

Applications for funding are invited from organisations, groups and departments (not individuals) to provide social activities that are outside of school / school hours for disabled children or for disabled children and their families. To follow the ethos of ‘short breaks’, activities bid for should be fun, safe and life enhancing for the child or young person.

  • The Small Bids Panel meets once a month to approve or reject bids received, usually on the last Thursday of the month.
  • Applications need to be received at least 5 working days before a Panel is due to meet.  The Panel will not approve bids for activities that have already taken place.
  • Multiple applications can be accepted by individual organisations throughout the year however, they will receive greater scrutiny by the Panel and more supporting information will be sought prior to a decision being made.

How much is the funding for?

The maximum amount of funding that can be applied for in each application is £499. 

Please find an information guide for the Small Bids Programme below which MUST be read before an application is submitted. Please download an application form below.  It is strongly advised that you open and complete the application form using Adobe Acrobat.  If you have any unresolvable problems accessing these documents please email: short.breaks@dudley.gov.uk.