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Energy bills rebate

Applications are still open for the discretionary fund.

If you have not received your £150 Energy rebate payment contact us urgently at

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Single Person Discount Review 2022/23

We are reviewing all households within the Dudley borough that receive a single person discount on their Council Tax bill as we have a duty to ensure that where a discount is awarded there is genuine entitlement.

If you receive a review letter with your 2022/23 Council Tax bill, use the online form below to confirm that you are still entitled to receive the discount or that your entitlement has ceased.

You have 14 days from receiving the review letter to complete and submit the single person council tax discount review form.

If you do not submit the form we will assume that your circumstances have changed and you are no longer entitled to the discount. The discount will be removed and a new bill will be sent to you. If you receive a reminder letter you should complete the form as previously requested.

If you have recently let us know about a change in circumstances, you must still complete the form.

Finally, you must only complete the form if you are the tax payer or acting with their permission.