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Single Person Discount Review 2022/23

We are reviewing households in Dudley Borough that currently get a single person discount on their Council Tax bill

We have an obligation to ensure that all awarded discounts are genuine. Last year's council tax bill contained a request to confirm you were still entitled to receive a single person discount.

If you have received a review letter from us it means that we have not yet had a confirmation.

If we do not receive a response, your discount will be cancelled, and you will receive a full 100% bill from April 2022

What to do

  • Please complete and submit the review form within 14 days of receiving the review letter. You can complete this either online or by using the paper form enclosed with the review letter.

  • If we do not receive a completed form, we will assume that your circumstances have changed, and you are no longer entitled to the discount. The discount will be removed and a new bill will be sent to you.

  • If you have recently let us know about a change in circumstances, you must still complete the form.

  • You must only complete the form if you are the tax payer or if you are acting with their permission.

Commonly asked questions

What is the single person discount?

It is a 25 percent reduction in your council tax bill if you live alone.

Who is eligible?

Anyone who pays council tax and lives alone.

Why haven’t I heard of this before?

People who are currently in receipt of single person discount were sent letters in March and April last year (2022) in their council tax bills and were also sent reminder letters in December. But don’t worry, it’s not too late – just let us know what your current circumstances are and we can help.

What do I need to do if my circumstances have not changed?

To confirm this, simply respond to the letter you were sent or tell us via our online form.

What do I need to do if my circumstances have changed and I no longer need the single person discount

Either respond to the letter you were sent or tell us via our online form.

You can also call us if neither of these options work for you.

Is there a deadline?

It’s 14 days from receipt of the letter.

What happens if I do not respond?

Your single person discount will be removed from 1st April 2022.