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Provision mapping framework

Many of Dudley's early years settings, schools and colleges have a Provision Map to show the additional and/or different teaching and support that they offer for children and young people with SEND.

The Dudley SEN Provision Maps detail the type of support you can expect to be able to access where appropriate, in all four areas of need.

The maps show what is available to all children in education (Universal service) including training and resources. Also, more specific support is described under the heading of Targeted Services: this will include additional resources and strategies required to meet the needs of your child and can be funded by the setting through their own delegated SEN budget.

Specialist education services

Specialist education services work with children and young people who have special educational needs and disabilities:- autism spectrum disorders, specific language impairments, complex medical conditions, hearing, vision and physical impairments, who are 0-16 years of age and live within the Dudley Borough and attend Dudley provision.

SES delivers support and advice to them, their families and early years and educational settings they attend working in partnership with professionals from other services and agencies. The aim is to raise standards, aspirations and expectations, enable full access to the curriculum and inclusion within the setting and thereby improve educational, social, emotional and physical outcomes.

If 16 -19 education providers require support and advice they can commission work from the SES.

Dudley educational psychology service

We provide an educational and child psychology service. Our purpose is to promote the learning, development and emotional well-being of children and young people.

Dudley counselling service

Is a team of 8 specialist counsellors, who use skills and strategies from many different models of counselling and psychotherapy and they have knowledge and experience in the following: Individual counselling with children, young people and adults; Group therapy with children, young people and adults; Family work; Working with young children; Working with children with special needs; Person Centred Counselling; Cognitive Behavioural Therapy; Play Therapy and Jungian theory.

What we do

For individuals: 
One to one confidential counselling and therapeutic play sessions for children, young people and adults who are presenting with social, emotional and behavioural concerns. Drop in sessions for staff to support the emotional health and wellbeing of the whole school team.

For Groups: 
Group work in schools such as: 
Transition from Primary to Secondary School Self esteem group work - tailored to address issues such as anger, self harm, weight management or bullying. Sleep management Social skills Family work- such as when families are under stress, and mother-child attachment programmes.

Whole school development: 
Support to schools regarding the implementation of national initiatives, and their statutory responsibilities to support social and emotional wellbeing Training and Professional Development for staff with courses such as: 
Supporting attachment through play, stress management and relaxation, listening skills and anger management.

Our work is commissioned individually by educational settings such as early years settings, schools and Local Authority services.

How do you refer or access the service/provision?

Access to the service is through the educational provision which a child or young person is attending. The setting will need to agree to fund the counselling sessions. If parents or young people aged 16 or older would like our help then the first step is to talk to a key person at the provision attended. A request for involvement form can then be completed as the first step to us offering support. We are not able to take referrals directly from parents or young people.

What happens next?

Following an agreement by the setting to fund the work, a request for involvement is completed and the type of work will be agreed with the educational provision. The views of parents and children and young people are an important part of each piece of work.
When the work is completed a report will be prepared with recommendations to share with those involved.

Age ranges: 0-5* 5-11* 11-16* 16-19* 19-25* (ages 0 - 25) 

We offer our service with children term time only and work with adults throughout the year.

Does it cost?

There is no cost to the parents or young people for our services as these are paid for by the school or organisation who commissions our work.

Further information

For further information please contact us at: 
The Mere Education Centre
Lawnswood Road
Telephone: 01384 814359 

Contact Dudley Counselling Service

Education investigation service

The Education Investigation Service (EIS) is an independent service established to ensure that all children have access to education either at school or otherwise.

The EIS are responsible for ensuring that parents meet their responsibilities in ensuring their child does access education and responding to complaints from school if a child is not attending school on a regular basis.  

Pupil access team

We are responsible for children who are permanently excluded from school. There is a duty on the Local Authority to place in full time education within 6 school days.

We provide advice and guidance to Headteachers, governors and parents on the topic of permanent exclusion from school.

Contact - school exclusion

Learning support service

Dudley Learning Support Service (LSS) is a traded service working in partnership with Dudley schools and other educational settings to raise the standards of achievement for pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEN), particularly in the areas of learning difficulties (literacy and numeracy) and specific learning difficulties / Dyslexia.

Dudley LSS comprises of a team of highly experienced teachers all with additional post-graduate Specialist SEN qualifications.
The vast majority of the work purchased by schools is in the form of detailed 1:1 assessment of an individual pupil's Literacy and/or Numeracy skills and then advice and support as to how this pupil's SEN could best be met in school through suggested targeted outcomes and provision. Pupils assessed by Dudley LSS will be identified by their school SENCo as requiring additional SEN support.

Dudley LLS is a traded service schools purchase support from us and therefore we do not take referrals directly from parents. Parents concerned about their child's learning needs should, in the first instance, discuss these with the school SENCO. 

Children and young people in special circumstances

Elective home education

All parents and carers must ensure provision of suitable education for their children. Some people choose to teach their child at home, this is known as elective home education.

Youth offending service

Who we are

A Youth Offending Service (YOS) is a multi-agency team that is coordinated by a local authority, which is overseen by the Youth Justice Board. A YOS is typically made up by staff drawn from children's social care services, probation, the police, education, health, and other statutory and voluntary agencies.

The YOS in Dudley currently has Social workers and YOS officers and health staff from, school nursing service, CAMHS and Speech language therapy as well as substance misuse services. We also have staff from Housing support, Victim liaison, and Connexions, Education, and Police services.

The YOS aims to deliver programmes and projects that reduce youth offending by confronting offenders to address the underlying causes of crime.

What do we do?

The YOS deals with young people aged 10 to 18 who have offended by providing community services and reparation plans; we attempt to prevent youth recidivism and incarceration and to provide rehabilitation to those who do offend.

The YOS performs a variety of work with children involved with offending in order to reduce their risk of offending and re-offending. The YOS supervise young people who have been ordered by the court or local Police partnership panels to serve sentences in the community or in the secure estate. The team offers organises direct or indirect contact between young people who have offended and victims to encourage apologies and reparation.

Offence focused work is provided via a range of offending behaviour programmes which may focus on weapons awareness, vehicle crime, sexual harmful behaviour or anger/violence reduction programmes.

We also arrange for Appropriate Adults to accompany under 18's after their arrest in order to advise and support the young person.

How do you refer or access the service/provision?

Referrals are received directly from the Black Country Combined Youth Court or via local Police partnership panels. Early help referrals may also be received via Family Centre allocation meetings.

What happens next?

Staff make contact with the young person and there family within 5 days of the Court appearance to book initial appointments and commence assessment and screening processes.

Age ranges: 0-5 5-11 11-16 16-19 19-25

Does it cost?

Travel expenses for young people are available for young people attending statutory orders.

For further information please contact:

Address: 8 Parsons street Dudley, DY1 1JJ
Telephone Number: 01384 813060
Email address:

Virtual schools for looked after children

The Virtual School provides support to children who are looked after by Dudley council and to those attending Dudley schools who are looked after by other Local Authorities.