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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Strategy

Improving the lives of children with special educational needs and disabilities in the Dudley borough.

The Dudley Area SEND strategy has been put together by Dudley Council and partners including schools and health organisations.  It sets out in straightforward terms our vision for the Dudley area SEND offer to children and young people (up to age 25) and their families. The strategy highlights our main priorities to help us all to plan and work together over the next two years to secure good outcomes for local children, young people and their families.  

Strategic Priorities:

We have identified our three strategic priorities:

Priority 1

Working in partnership with families - Growing a way of working with families and individual young people as the basis for how we plan, deliver and review local provision.

Priority 2

Planning and working together to make the best use of all of our resources – At the heart of this is a stronger approach to joint commissioning and the sharing of ideas, resources and supporting innovation across health, local authority and other partners.

Priority 3

Simplifying help and support so that it is more accessible – This means we will build on the strengths of our local provision to offer the best mix of specialist and mainstream support that reflects the diversity of children and young people’s needs.

Delivering Our Strategy

An early draft of this strategy was shared with all of our partners including the families, children and young people that we are working with. We got a lot of feedback – some positive and some heartfelt and strongly worded contributions that challenge us to do better. That feedback is reflected in this strategy and in the delivery plans that will ensure we turn our strategy into action.


Strategy documents