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E-learning Opportunities

There is an enormous range of e-learning opportunities provided by training providers, colleges, universities and many more are available on the internet - some completely free of charge.

There are excellent e-learning opportunities available that are relatively easy to access and provide sufficient variety to meet different learning styles. There are however many that are of poor quality, limited in terms of meeting learner needs or provide incorrect or out of date information.

Managers would benefit from trialling programmes to ensure that they are of good standard before enrolling staff. We have listed some aspects for you to consider:

Aspects to consider when viewing online courses


  • Flexibility
  • Lower Cost
  • Mobility
  • Tailor it to you
  • Technological Possibilities
  • Global


  • Lack of Structure
  • Adaptability Struggle
  • Technology issues
  • Computer Proficiency¬†
  • Time Management
  • Self-motivation
  • Cheating

We have provided further information on advantages and disadvantages within the document attached below.

We have also provided details of a range of e-learning providers for you.

Please note that Dudley Local Authority has not commissioned or recommended these providers. You are responsible for ensuring that they meet your needs and those of your staff team.