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Policy 6 Overhead Services, Road Signs, Street Lights and Highway Obstructions

The Council will carry out any pruning work to Council owned trees as necessary to:

  • Prevent damage or obstruction to street lights, road signs and power and telephone cables or poles in their designated use.
  • Allow the reasonable and safe passage of vehicles and pedestrians on public footpaths and highways, open spaces and other public land.
  • The Council will ensure that private owners are aware of their responsibilities regarding the correct maintenance of their trees with regard to these issues when sufficient notice has been given to the Council of possible obstructions.


The Council is empowered and required to ensure the safety of the public and the maintenance of services.


The Council will carry out any pruning work necessary to enable the effective and reasonable use of overhead services, street lights, road signs and public highways and land with regard to the form of the tree and good arboritcultural practices, but primarily to maintain public safety.

The Council will aim to regularly inspect Council owned trees, which may cause these problems to help present such occurrences. In addition to pruning obstructing branches and low suckering growth, in exceptional circumstances where root damage to the footway is considered so extensive by the Highways Engineers as to present a danger to pedestrians, a tree may be removed and a replacement planted.

Notice will be given under the Highways Act 1980 to private tree owners to inform them of their obligations to prune trees in their ownership which are obstructing the highway, footpath, street lights and road signs, when such obstructions are reported to the appropriate Council Officers and are judged to be requiring action. Where this work is not carried out within the specified time, the Council will seek to carry out the necessary work as empowered by the above Act and charge the owner accordingly.

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