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Dudley Council
Dudley Skyline

As trees take decades to grow and mature the loss of older trees can make a significant impact upon the visual aspect of an area. Existing mature trees are increasingly put under pressure by our activities and require our consideration and protection.

Throughout the Borough we are the beneficiaries of the forward thinking and public-spirited tree planting in earlier times. The trees which give most impact in our streets and parks are legacies left to us by Victorian and Edwardian improvers and by post and pre-war designers. Many people enjoy trees in their gardens, which were planted by former householders and for many of us a tree contribution we can make to the place we have lived. In order for future citizens of our Borough to enjoy a pleasant place to live and work in we need to maintain our existing mature trees which could in some cases live for another century or more and plant and care for new trees. Planting new trees needs to be carried out in tandem with care for existing ones and not necessarily be carried out to the detriment of existing tree care or habitats which are of value for other reasons. The task areas contained within the tree strategy can be used to focus upon areas where the provision of new trees can have maximum visual impact and environmental benefits.

Tree planting can be used to:

  • Maintain the level of tree cover by planting.

  • Encourage community activities.

  • Improve the quality of life in areas with fewer trees.

  • Encourage wildlife.
  • Provide educational opportunities.

  • Celebrate and commemorate national and local events.
  • Increase the value of existing property and properties in new developments.
  • Help define and maintain the unique character of areas within the Borough.

Contact Details

  • Name Green Care
  • Address Directorate of the Urban Environment, Lister Road Depot, Lister Road, Dudley, west Midlands, DY2 8JW
  • Telephone 0300 555 2345