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Why choosing a Contractor is important

Choosing a reliable contractor is very important. Trees which have taken many years to grow can soon be irrevocably damaged through ill-advised and badly executed operations. Anyone can call themselves a tree surgeon and place an advert in Yellow Pages or the local newspaper. That alone is no guarantee that the contractor is capable of carrying out works safely to an acceptable standard.

Tree felling and tree surgery are skilled operations which require a high level of technical knowledge, supported by training and experience. Other essential requirements are the provision of safety equipment and sufficient insurance cover for both employers and public liability.

How to Select an Arboricultural Contractor

An arboricultural contractor, sometimes described as an 'Arboriculturist', 'Arborist' or 'Tree surgeon', will undertake tree work to a specification. However,

  • Contractors may say they are members of a trade association - Check the validity of any such claim. The Arboricultural Association produces a list of approved contractors. Please see for further information.

  • Get at least three written quotes and be aware that the lowest quote may not be the best one. It is also advisable to indicate to the contractor when you would like the work to be carried out. Remember that quotes only remain valid for a specific amount of time. Please let the contractor know your decision be it acceptance or refusal.

  • Avoid contractors who use the words 'Lopping' and 'Topping'.

  • Many reputable contractors cover large areas of the country, but you should generally avoid 'door knockers'.

  • The contractor should be able to provide proof of adequate insurance cover for the type of work being undertaken (usually at least 2 million pounds Public Liability Insurance).

  • Reputable contractors will be happy to answer all of your questions, as they have got nothing to hide.

  • Once you have selected your contractor, ensure that the work to be carried out for the agreed sum is confirmed in writing.

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