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Dudley Council the historic capital of the Black Country
Dudley Skyline

Appendix 1 – Documents referred to in the Tree Strategy

“Living for Tomorrow” Dudley MBC Agenda 21 Strategy

The Agenda 21 Document forms part of a process to address issues which will contribute towards making the environment of Dudley more sustainable and in doing so improve the well-being of its residents. The philosophy of this document and several of the aims and objectives outlined are sympathetic to those in the Tree Strategy. In particular that the quality of life is bound up with the quality of the environment this means that trees have an impact on the social and economic level as well as being part of traditional environmental issues.

Dudley MBC Unitary Development Plan Draft First Deposit Version 2000 – 2001 (UDP)

The Unitary Development Plan (UDP) is a statutory document, which contains policies and guidance for land use and development throughout the Borough.

Within the Deposit version of the UDP are several policies, which have an effect upon tree issues, or upon which trees could have a positive contribution; significantly policies NC8 and NC9.

Dudley Borough Community Plan “Agenda for Action”

This document sets out the Council’s overall objectives for working in partnership with others to improve the quality of life throughout our community by working through six priority areas. One priority is the environment and the Tree Strategy helps to meet the core aims of providing a healthy and sustainable environment.

Dudley Borough Best Value Performance Plan

The Best Value Performance Plan explains the main activities of the Council, measures our performance and details our plans for improving services. One of the key priorities set is creating a sustainable environment promoting a green Borough, which can be enjoyed by all. The Tree Strategy helps us reach this goal.

Dudley Countryside Strategy and the Action Plan for Nature Conservation in Dudley

The Dudley Countryside Strategy addresses the co-ordination of activities in Dudley’s Countryside. It includes aims and objectives to help direct the action required to conserve and enhance the nature conservation, landscape and historic values of the countryside. The Action Plan for Nature Conservation in Dudley was developed from the Black Country Nature Conservation Strategy and identifies the need for a Borough-wide Tree Strategy. The Tree Strategy thus includes trees in the countryside and in nature conservation areas, which have been addressed in these two documents, plus urban trees, in streets and gardens, which hitherto have not been similarly represented.

Documents Produced by Other Agencies

The Borough of Dudley lies within the operational areas of other agencies, which deal primarily with trees on a local to regional level, in particular the National Urban Forestry Unit (NUFU) and Groundwork Black Country. Both voluntary organisations have produced their own strategies, which include trees and woodland within Dudley as a component. As these documents are wide ranging, including the entire Black Country, it is necessary to produce a local strategy, which incorporates or is sympathetic to the aims of these organisations while being more specific to Dudley.

The two documents produced by these organisations are:

  • National Urban Forestry Unit : The Black Country Urban Forest – A strategy for its development : 1995.

  • Groundwork Black Country : A green vision for the Black Country 1996.

Several of the target areas and aims of these documents are similar to those within Dudley MBC Tree Strategy. In these areas in particular the partnership, which already exists between Dudley MBC and these organisations, can be focused.