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Dudley Council the historic capital of the Black Country
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Appendix 2 - Black Country Environmental Partners

Black Country Partners

The Black Country Environmental Partnership (BCEP)

The Black Country Environmental Partnership consists of the four major voluntary organisations listed below plus the four Black Country Local Authorities; Dudley MBC, Sandwell MBC, Walsall MBC and Wolverhampton MBC. This partnership is working to implement the Black Country Urban Forest Millennium Programme.

The Voluntary Organisations

There are four major voluntary organisations which are involved in projects singly or in partnership in Dudley and throughout the Black Country. These are:

National Urban Forestry Unit (NUFU)

The National Urban Forestry Unit co-ordinates Urban Forestry initiatives across the Black Country. It provides technical aid, advice, produces publications and encourages research. It holds the overall responsibility for the implementation of the Black Country Urban Forest Millennium Programme and the Treeways Initiative and produced its own strategy for the whole Black Country Urban Forest in 1995 called “The Black Country Urban Forest : A Strategy for its Development”.

British trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV)

The British Trust for Conservation Volunteers specialises in the involvement of local people and volunteers to implement projects. It plants and manages woodland, undertakes assessment studies, liaises between local groups and local authorities and can carry out work on privately owned land if asked to do so.

Groundwork Black Country

Groundwork Black Country specialises in work with local business, carries out community consultation projects and develops educational business/school programmes. When required it can help in the management of woodland and can carry out other work on privately owned land. It is establishing timber stations throughout the Black Country to make commercial use of timber arisings in the Black Country Urban Forest. Groundwork Black Country is the co-ordinator of the Greenways Project and Green IT programme in the Black Country and produced its “A Green Vision for the Black Country” in 1996, which gives details of its own aims, initiatives and projects.

Urban Wildlife Trust (UWT)

The Urban Wildlife Trust provides expert advice on the ecological value of sites and proposed planting or management. It will plant and manage woodlands, carry out ecological surveys, produce management guidelines and carry out work on private land if requested.